The City has developed a Transport Strategy which aims to ensure the city's transport systems contribute to a sustainable, productive, livable and vibrant Perth.

Following extensive public consultation the City of Perth has developed a Transport Strategy to articulate our long term aspirations for transport, and highlight how we will progress towards the future of a more vibrant, sustainable and liveable Perth. 

The Transport Strategy builds on the Strategic Community Plan: Vision 2029, taking the vision and guiding principles of that Plan and applying them to how we manage and plan for the city's transport systems.

Six focus areas have been identified within the Transport Strategy to frame the City of Perth's work and advocacy in order to achieve our vision for Perth's efficient and sustainable transport system. Within each Focus Area are several Objectives. These Objectives are further articulated in the included Implementation Plan, specifically regarding the deliverables that the City will undertake.

The Transport Strategy was adopted by Council in December 2016 and will be assessed every two years to ensure we understand current transport trends and can report on process towards included targets.