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Switch your thinking is a local government initiative.

The City of Perth integrates environmental consideration with social inclusion and economic prosperity to ensure that we grow as a sustainable city.  On this webpage you will find information on the City’s current environment and sustainability initiatives as well as information on how you can live, work, and play sustainably in the city.

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Urban forest is comprised of all trees and other vegetation within the public realm, providing benefits that enrich the quality of urban life.

Sustainability in the City

The City has a long term strategy for an environmentally sustainable Perth.

Environment Snapshot

A snapshot of where the City of Perth is now in the journey towards an environmentally sustainable city.

The City of Perth has developed this Cycle Plan for the city to support the thousands of people choosing to cycle.

View a selection of resources to assist in maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the city.

View information about domestic and commercial recycling in the City of Perth.

Awards and recognition demonstrate the City's commitment to protecting and enhancing the quality of the natural environment.

CitySwitch Green Office engages with individual building tenants to assist them reduce energy use.

This free program provides resources and recognition to owners and managers of office buildings that commit to improving water efficiency.

A local government initiative that inspires sustainable action in the Perth community.

Ecohub Perth

Ecohub Perth is a City of Perth environment initiative. Visit to find out more about living, working and playing more sustainably in the city!

Energy Resilient City

The City of Perth is leading the change towards energy resilience in the city.

We recognise the importance of positive partnerships and working relationships with a range of organisations and groups.

Looked down recently? Thousands of cigarette butts are thrown on the ground in Perth every day. They make our city look yuk.

Our Lighting Strategy addresses how we plan to enhance the city through illuminating initiatives - for both public and private developments.

A city wide transport strategy to ensure Perth's transport systems contribute to a sustainable, productive, livable and vibrant city.

The city of Perth is improving walkability through core components of various initiatives.