The City of Perth's EcoHub initiative has developed a series of factsheets to help the Perth community to live, work, and play sustainably in the city.  

The EcoHub Factsheets contain tips and tricks for improving the environmental impact of your home, office, retail business, accommodation business, or hospitality business.

Download the EcoHub Factsheets for innovative ideas to save water and energy, reduce waste, travel sustainably to and around the city, and to care for our natural environment.

Do you have a question or a story about environmental improvements in your home or workplace? Send questions and stories to

Ecohub Perth factsheets covers

Select to download any of the fact sheets below:

EcoHub Perth factsheets for Residents.pdf
EcoHub Perth factsheets for Office Workers.pdf
EcoHub Perth factsheets for Accommodation businesses.pdf (1.06 MB)
EcoHub Perth factsheets for Hospitality businesses.pdf (1.08 MB)
EcoHub Perth factsheets for Retailers.pdf (1.05 MB)