The City of Perth is set to take a lead role in the future-proofing of the city against climate change and the impacts of rising energy demand, with a new initiative entitled Towards an Energy Resilient City.

The City of Perth has undertaken research and analysis of energy use across the city and the findings are included in its Towards an Energy Resilient City initiative, along with a number of themes to achieve energy resilience.

Energy efficiency, renewable energy, and transport strategies identified could help to achieve a 32% reduction in citywide greenhouse gas emissions by 2031 (against business as usual emissions), and a 20% reduction in the City’s operations emissions by 2020 (set against a 2011/12 baseline).

This initiative sits alongside the City’s Energy Resilient City Policy, which directs the City’s energy resilience actions towards its own operations and assets, and the roles the City can take to facilitate and support energy resilience actions in the community.

The Towards an Energy Resilient City Strategic Directions Paper can be viewed using the link below. Updates on the initiative will be available on this page.

PDF icon Towards An Energy Resilient City Strategic Directions Paper .pdf