Two development-based heritage incentives have been adopted into the City Planning Scheme No.2.

Two development-based heritage incentives have been adopted into the City Planning Scheme No.2.

The Bonus Plot Ratio (Clause 28) and Transfer Plot Ratio (Clause 34) provisions enable the Council to offer incentives to developments involving heritage places by either awarding additional plot ratio to developments or enabling the transfer of unused plot ratio from one site to another.

The Scheme provisions are complemented by planning policies (Policy 4.5.1 Bonus Plot Ratio and Policy 4.5.2 Transfer Plot Ratio), which provide the objectives, principles, and requirements that supplement these provisions.

Bonus Plot Ratio

The City Planning Scheme No.2 allows the Council to award additional plot ratio to what is prescribed in the Scheme for a development, in return for the protection of the cultural heritage significance of a heritage listed place.  

Transfer of Plot Ratio

The City of Perth offers an incentive to conserve cultural heritage places and conservation areas by transferring a portion of unused plot ratio from a place (donor site) to a receiving site (recipient site) where the transfer will not adversely impact on the cultural heritage and general amenity of the city.

The Council maintains a Register of transferred plot ratio which includes details of approved donor and recipient sites.  

Heritage Agreements

A heritage agreement (refer to Clause 33) is a legal document that is required as part of the TPR process.

Heritage Agreements are entered into between an owner and the City of Perth and the Heritage Council of WA.  Their intent is the secure the long-term conservation of heritage places. Owners are requested to commit to maintenance and specific conservation work of their heritage building in exchange for the right to transfer plot ratio from a donor site to another location within the city of Perth.

To obtain the pro forma and discuss the requirements for a heritage agreement, please contact the Legal Officer at the Heritage Council of WA, on 9221 4177 or telephone the City of Perth on 9461 3333.

Guidance Notes

Guidance notes have been prepared to assist landowners and developers to understand the process of transferring of plot ratio from a heritage place These notes identify what you should do before you apply to transfer, how to apply, the approval process, how to transfer ownership and using transfer plot ratio floor area. These guidance notes should be read jointly with the Frequently Asked Questions.

Download a copy of the Notification Of Change Of Ownership - Transfer Of Plot Ratio Floor Area Form