Find out if your property is registered or nominate your property. Heritage listing has a number of economic, social and environmental benefits which are explained below.

Is you property heritage listed?

The two main types of heritage listings impacting on places located within the City of Perth are;

  • City of Perth Scheme No 2 2004 - Register of Places of Cultural and Heritage Significance
  • State Register of Heritage Places under the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990

City Planning Scheme 

Under the City Planning Scheme No.2 (Division 2 - Places of Cultural Heritage Significance - Clauses 30, 31 and 32) the Council has the opportunity to recognise individual places or conservation areas as having Cultural Heritage Significance to the city.  Such places are entered onto the Register of Places of Cultural Heritage Significance attached to the City Planning Scheme No.2.  

Any place which is listed on the State Register of Heritage Places is automatically recognised and listed on the City Planning Scheme. 

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State Register of Heritage Places

Under the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990, the State Register provides official recognition of a place’s cultural heritage significance to Western Australia.

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Benefits of Heritage Listing

There is growing research that demonstrates that caring for places of cultural heritage significance can generate significant environmental, economic and social benefits.  Benefits mean that heritage can contribute to wider agendas such as health outcomes, education, the environment and urban planning.  


In a study of how and why Australians value heritage, respondents strongly agree that heritage forms part of the Australian identity (92%) and overwhelmingly support the view that heritage plays an important role in Australia’s culture (87%).  The Allen Consulting Group research ‘Valuing the Priceless: The Value of Historic Heritage in Australia 2004’ also reminds us that heritage places may contribute towards social stability and cohesion in the community and allow a sense of identity either for the whole community or for members of cultural groups.
Allen Report 2005 Valuing the Priceless: The Value of Historic Heritage in Australia


Economic arguments for heritage conservation take place on a number of levels including at individual place level, conservation areas and in relation to tourism.  The reports below are just the tip of research into this area:


It is recognised that the retention of heritage buildings has environmental benefits. Conserving heritage buildings reduces energy usage associated with demolition, waste disposal and new construction, and promotes sustainable development by conserving the embodied energy in the existing buildings. 

Wanting to nominate

The State Heritage Office has established the Criteria for the Assessment of Local Heritage Places and Areas. The City uses this criteria to determine if places are considered significant and worthy of conservation.

If you believe a place meets the threshold for entry into the City’s Scheme Register of Places of Cultural Heritage Significance you may write to the City with details of the place, including how it addresses the assessment criteria.

The City is in the process of reviewing its heritage assessment program, which includes determining how heritage assessments for nominated places are progressed.  Therefore whilst nominations will not be progressed at this stage, they will be kept on file for future consideration. If you are an owner wishing to nomination your property please contact the City to discuss how your nomination can be fast-tracked.