The City of Perth, in conjunction with relevant stakeholders, has adopted a comprehensive and coordinated approach to address the ongoing issues relating to heritage management and conservation - an approach which goes above and beyond that normally undertaken by a local government authority.

From researching the implications of heritage listing, to providing development-based and financial incentives for heritage conservation, each component of the City’s Heritage Program has been researched and developed over several years to complement the necessary processes required under heritage and planning legislation.

As the heart of the state capital, the City of Perth is responsible for a significant part of Western Australia’s settled past. 

The City of Perth acknowledges this responsibility and recognises the important contribution that Perth's heritage makes to community, sustainability, cultural identity and the economy. It believes that heritage is important because it provides a sense of unity and belonging within the community, and provides insight into previous generations and our history. 

Together, the City of Perth and the property owners must ensure that the valuable assets of our heritage are retained, conserved, used and celebrated.

Since 2004 the City has developed a comprehensive Heritage Program to reflect the high importance it places on preserving and conserving its heritage buildings.  The Heritage Program addresses management and conservation issues through: 

  • Financial and Development Incentives
  • Heritage related Social and Economic Research and Trendwatching 
  • Historical Data Collection 
  • Heritage Assessments of Places and Conservation Area
  • Heritage Planning Polices and Design Guidelines 
  • Heritage Conservation Advocacy and Networking
  • Community Engagement 

The City is also a proud sponsor of Heritage Perth, an independent, not-for-profit organisation that promotes Perth's heritage as an important social and economic asset for the community.

The City is currently in the process of developing 'The Heritage, Culture and the Arts Portal', to create a one-stop shop for all heritage, culture and arts related data.   The vision is for the Portal to be both an internal and external tool for monitoring and researching heritage places.

Both the Heritage Program and the Portal have received State and national awards for their success, and are often regarded as a model for other local governments.  

The City is committed and monitoring and refining the Heritage Program and is  interested in developing new and innovative approaches to heritage conservation through research and community consultation.  If you would like to know more about the City's Heritage Program of have any ideas or feedback on how the City might improve its heritage services please contact the heritage team on 9461 3333 or use our Online Enquiry Form.

City of Perth Heritage Achievements 

The City of Perth has also been recognised by its peers for its innovation, best practice and commitment to managing the city's cultural heritage.

High commendation for Outstanding Heritage Practices by a local government  State Heritage Award

The City of Perth also received a high commendation for Outstanding Heritage Practices by a local government at the State Heritage Awards for 2014.

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