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ArcGIS Online - Interactive Mapping

Use our interactive online map service to view information about property and locations in the City of Perth local government area.

Application Forms - Planning, Development, Building and Health

Application forms for planning, development, building and health

Property Enquiries

Detailed instructions about how to find information about your property.

DAP Applications

As a key component of planning reform in Western Australia, fifteen Development Assessment Panels (DAPs) were established by the Minister of Planning

Building and Development Applications Received

View a list of building, planning, health and event applications received for the past week.

Building and Development Applications Approved

View a list of issued building permits, development application licenses and approved demolition licenses.

Design standards for development within the City

Design standards apply for public open spaces.

Waste Guidelines for All Developments

This document outlines the required waste management for new developments and redevelopments (both major and minor) with any waste implications within

Advertising Planning Applications

Development Applications advertised for public comment.