About Advertising

The provisions of City Planning Scheme No. 2 (CPS2) and clause 64 of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 – Deemed Provisions for Local Planning Schemes, sets out what type of development applications must be advertised for public comment. 

We want to know about the issues that are important to you.  Submissions play a key role in the decision-making process in relation to planning matters.  As the responsible planning authority, the City is not authorised to consider ‘non-planning’ matters, such as effect on property values or views.  Therefore, submissions should not focus on these things.  

Your comments should be substantiated, where possible, and address the impact of the proposal on a particular site, streetscape or locality, particularly where variations are being sought to development standards or planning policy requirements.  For example, comments in relation to a proposed new building should focus on impacts on 'amenity' (all those factors which combine to form the character of the area) and on the relationship of the proposed development to the scale and nature of existing buildings and surroundings.

Current advertised planning applications can be viewed online

The current advertised development applications and accompanying materials are published on the website in accordance with the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 but please note that plans, drawings and any other documents associated with development applications may be subject to the copyright laws of Australia and international agreements with other countries.

Comment on a current planning application

To enable the City to properly consider your comments, only written comments will be considered in arriving at decisions on development applications. If you wish to provide feedback on any of the applications, the City requires written feedback on our standard Submission Form, using the link below.  Additional comments or documentation can be attached to the form.  Your comments must be received before the advertising period closes.  Submissions received after the closing date will only be taken into consideration and included into the Officer's report where these are received in sufficient time. 

If you submit a response, comments and other information provided may be collated, reproduced or summarised in Officer’s reports to Committee or Council. We do require and collect contact details, including your full name and address and this, along with any other information submitted, will be recorded internally in City of Perth systems for the purpose of assessing the application. However, personal details submitted (such as your name,  contact numbers, email addresses and signatures) will not be disclosed or published without your express consent.

We do release submissions when a valid request is made in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 1992 but personal information is ordinarily exempt from third party access. 

For further information see the City of Perth's Information Statement FOI statement 2016/2017.

Assessments and decisions

The opinions of neighbours and the wider community where relevant, assist the Council by highlighting local issues which need to be considered. However, the City’s officers and the Council are not obliged to agree with, or uphold, every opinion expressed, nor to incorporate all suggestions into its decision.

In its consideration of any development application, the Council has a duty to properly balance its consideration of all relevant factors in an objective and impartial manner.  In addition to neighbour and community submissions, relevant considerations include the requirements prescribed in CPS2 and other relevant Planning Schemes, the City’s Policies and Strategies, local heritage inventory, State legislation, comments from government agencies and advisory groups, R-Codes and any other relevant matter.

Online Submission

The preferred method of submitting your response is via the online submission, however you may choose to submit your response via post or email. Click here to view other available methods.   

Once submitted you will receive an acknowledgement from the City.

Click here to view plans and make a submission.