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Planning and Development

Development Assessment Panel (DAP) Applications 
Section 40 Liquor Licence Application Form
Major DA Information Kit
Minor DA Information Kit
Application for Development Approval.pdf
DA Built Strata Application.pdf
PDF icon DA_Built-Strata-Form1C.pdf
PDF icon DA_Built-Strata-Form24.pdf
PDF icon DA 3D Digital Models Submission Guide.pdf
Written Planning Advice Form.pdf
Transfer of Plot ratio Donor Site Application Form


BA Building Approval Certificate Information.pdf
Land and Owners Written Legal Authorisation Form Building.pdf
BA Building Permit Certified Information.pdf
BA Building Permit Uncertified Information.pdf
BA Building Permit Transfer Information.pdf
Submission Checklist, Application for Building Permit CertBA1
Submsission, Application for Demolition Permit CertBA5
Submission Checklist, Application for Occupancy Permit CertBA9
BA7 Notice of Completion online submission 
BA Occupancy Permit
BA Occupancy Permit - Which to apply for.pdf


For forms related to the Building Approval Process Building Act 2011, please refer to:

Pre Permit Clearance Application Form 
Application for Private Certification Services
Certificate of Structural Sufficiency Application Form
Construction and Demolition Management Plan Pro-forma.pdf
Sign Permit Application Form.pdf
Battery Powered Smoke Alarm Application Form


Works Bond Refund Application Form
Workzone Application Form.pdf
Crossover Form
Hoarding Gantry Scaffold Application Form.pdf
Hoarding Gantry Scaffold Renewal Application.pdf
Road and Footpath Obstruction Application Form
Public Trading Permit Application Form.pdf


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