Request information about your property.

Settlement/Land Purchase Queries

Property Settlement Enquiries are usually requested by Settlement Agents or Solicitors acting on behalf of the vendor or purchaser of a property soon to be settled.

A purchaser may also act on his/ her own behalf by forwarding a letter of request.

To obtain this information, the Settlement Agent must be acting on behalf of;

  • the current property owner; or
  • person(s) who have signed an intention to purchase the property; or
  • person(s) who have written authorisation from the property owner to conduct the enquiry

The fee for this service is $138 and the information is forwarded within 7 working days.

The Property Settlement Enquiry will determine the following information:

  • The value of rates levied
  • Outstanding rate payments
  • Refuse charges
  • Zoning
  • Orders or requisitions
  • Details of Residential Building Approvals exceeding $10,000 in value
  • Land resumption orders or requisition

Archive Building Plans and Documents

If you require access, or copies of plans held in the City’s Archives, you will need to conduct an ‘Archive Plan Search’.

Specific Documents

Requests such as the age of a building, the year of approval, construction costs, builder’s details, copies of building permit or planning approvals etc can, in most cases, be answered by requesting a ‘Specific Document Search’. 

Please note that if your property is located within the City of Vincent, Town of Cambridge or Town Victoria Park you will need to contact those respective authorities directly regarding Archive Searches.

Written Planning Advice

Applicant's requiring more detailed planning information should download and complete a ‘Written Planning Advice’ application form.

This is a separate process and additional service to the Specific Document Search.

It can provide the applicant with detailed information related to a historic or potential application, noting details such as the floor area, plot ratio, parking numbers, etc.

The request must be clear and to the point.  Within 7 days of receiving your application, the requested information will be researched and a letter of reply mailed to your address. Please note that the City of Perth cannot guarantee that the requested information is available and in the instance that your search is unsuccessful, the application fee is non refundable.