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City Planning Scheme 2 - CPS2

Local governments are responsible for planning local communities by ensuring appropriate planning controls exist to inform decision making.

New City of Perth Area - former Subiaco and Nedlands

View Planning Scheme details governing transitioning Subiaco and Nedlands properties.

City of Subiaco and City of Nedlands - Planning Documents

View the City of Subiaco Town Planning Scheme No.4 and relevant documents

Using apartments as short term or holiday rentals

Find out what the City of Perth’s planning rules and requirements are in relation to land use and development matters.

CPS2 - Minor Town/Local Planning Schemes

A number of minor town planning schemes also apply to development sites across the city.

CPS2 - Precinct Plans

Each precinct within the City is unique and the development of precinct plans allows the City to set the intent and vision for each specific area.

CPS2 - Planning Policies

Planning policies are developed and implemented to provide further guidance on planning, land use and development matters.

CPS2 - Registers

A number of Registers impact on development sites across the city.

CPS2 - Scheme Amendments

A local government may resolve to amend its local planning scheme for a number of reasons.