City Planning Scheme 2 divides the city into a number of precincts. Each precinct within the City is unique and the development of precinct plans allows the City to set the intent and vision for each specific area.

These precinct plans identify the opportunities and constraints in each precinct and are used to inform the determination of planning applications in those areas.   

The precinct plans should be read in conjunction with the scheme and planning policies.  

NOTE: The precincts denoted (CC) comprise the Scheme area referred to as the City Centre.

Precinct Plans Content Page
P1 to P8 City Centre (CC)P1-8 City Centre

P1 Northbridg Precinct (CC)
P2 Cultural Centre Precinct (CC)
P3 Stirling Precinc t(CC)
P4 Victoria Precinct (CC)
P5 Citiplace Precinct (CC)
P6 St Georges Precinct (CC)
P7 Civic Precinct (CC)
P8 Foreshore Precinct (CC)

P9 Matilda Bay Precinct - Text + Map
P10 West Perth Precinct - Text + Map
P11 Hamilton Precinct - Text + Map
P12 Langley Precinct - Text + Map
P13 Adelaide Precinct - Text + Map
P14 Goderich Precinct - Text + Map
P15 East Perth Precinct - Text + Map