New City of Perth Area (former Subiaco/Nedlands)

The boundaries of the City of Perth have been revised in accordance with the City of Perth Act which came into effect on 1 July 2016. Limited areas of land from the City of Subiaco and the City of Nedlands have been transferred to the City of Perth as indicted on the map provided in the attached link:

City of Perth - new boundaries map 2016
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In accordance with the Local Government (Constitution) Regulations 1998, the City of Perth will be applying the planning provisions of the following documents within the areas transferred to the City:

  • City of Subiaco’s Town Planning Scheme No.4 and any relevant documents made pursuant to the Scheme including local planning polices and precinct policies;
  • City of Nedlands Town Planning Scheme No.2 and any relevant documents made pursuant to the Scheme including local planning policies.

Within these documents, any reference to either the City of Subiaco or the City of Nedlands is taken to be a reference to the City of Perth until such time as the City of Perth amends its City Planning Scheme No. 2 to formally incorporate planning provisions for these areas. Any amendments to the City Planning Scheme No.2 will be publically advertised.

Any new applications for development approval will need to be submitted on the relevant City of Perth Application Forms.  Please refer to the City of Perth Application Forms and Checklists.  (

For any strategic planning enquires please contact the Strategic Planning Unit on (08) 9 461 3136.

For any statutory planning enquiries please contact the Development Approvals Unit on (08) 9 461 3352.

View Planning documents in the City of Subiaco and City of Nedlands Planning Documents Section

General enquiries may be addressed in the City of Perth’s Frequently Asked Questions.