There are a variety of reasons why roads, footpaths or verges may need to be closed or obstructed.




Any Proposed works which affects the road, verge or the footpath within the City of Perth must have an Obstruction permit. Failure to do so will result in infringements being issued to responsible parties and a notice to remove the obstruction.


Obstruction Permits are required and issued under the authority of the City of Perth Thoroughfares and Public Places Local Law 2017 and the City of Perth Local Government Property Local Law 2005.


Definition: If any part of the works affects vehicular movement this may need City of Perth Transport Unit Approval.

Requirements: A Traffic Management Plan (TMP) is required for any activity on the road reserve and obstructs the passage of vehicle or the movement of any other road user. Traffic Management Plans are prepared and implemented by accredited personnel and designed in accordance to Main Roads WA Code of Practice and the relevant standards, please refer to Main Roads WA website for further information. 

Any works that will be in close proximity to traffic signal or are classed as complex as defined in AS 1742.3 may need a Road Traffic Manager (RTM) Approval.


Basic Traffic Management plan as defined in Main Roads WA Codes of Practice and AS 1742.3

3 Full working days minimum

Complex Traffic Management plan as defined in Main Roads WA Codes of Practice and AS 1742.3

3 Full working days minimum

Complex Traffic Management plan as defined in Main Roads WA Code of Practice and AS 1742.3; within 200m of traffic signals 

18 Full working days minimum


  • Single Lane Closure. (To be provided upon request)

  • Full road Closure. (To be provided upon request)

  • RTM approved TMP needed. (To be provided upon request)

  • Full Footpath closure requiring pedestrians being escorted across the road. (To be provided upon request)


Definition: Any works that are being conducted outside of normal working hours will require a noise management plan as required by the Environmental Protection (noise) Regulation 1997.

Normal working hours are 7am to 7pm on Monday to Saturday.

Construction works includes but is not limited to– 
The construction, erection, installation, alteration, repair, maintenance, cleaning, painting, renewal, removal, excavation, dismantling or demolition of any building or structure.


Noise management plan: Environmental Protection (noise) Regulation 1997 requires a noise management plan for works carried out outside of normal hours. Applicants should familiarise themselves with AS 2436-2010 – Guide to noise and vibration control on construction, maintenance and demolition sites prior to completing a noise management plan. A noise management plan must contain the following information –

(a) Details of, and reasons for, construction work is proposed outside of normal working hours 
(b) Details of, and the duration of, activities on the construction site likely to result in noise emissions that fail to comply with the standards prescribed under the regulations;
(c) Predictions of noise emissions on the construction site (refer to AS 2436)
(d) Details of measures to be implemented to control noise (including vibration) emissions;
(e) Procedures to be adopted for monitoring noise (including vibration) emissions; and 
(f) Complaint response procedures.
Notification letter:  A copy of the local community notification letter should be submitted to the City along with the noise management plan. A notification letter must contain the following information
(a) details of, and reasons for, construction work on the construction site; 
(b) Site address.
(c) Date/s and time/s of works 
(d) Company/contractor details
(e) Contact number of site manager/works manager (must be a mobile number not landline)
(f) The notification letter shall be distributed to all affected businesses and residents, the area that requires notification will be determined by the City

Once a Noise Management Plan is approved, The Community notification letter shall be delivered to all affected properties.


Noise Management Plan and Notification Letter

7 Full working days minimum



Definition: Any Works that will affect any Garden beds trees, shrubs and/or flora within the City of Perth

Requirements: Mark up a map/plan of work area that takes into account all items as listed in the definition above and also provides a damage mitigation strategy for damage that may be incurred during the course of activities applied for.


Parks assessment 2 Full working days minimum


  • Mitigation strategy for trees and garden beds (To be provided upon request)


Definition: Any Works that will affect any Parking Bays within the City of Perth 

(road closures, works, traffic management)


Any works obstructing limiting the public use of on street parking bays will be charged as a part of the permit application.

Any use of parking bays that are not for vehicles will need an obstruction permit as it is a change of use.

Any access into malls will require all vehicle registrations of any vehicles intending to enter the malls.

For any state body works please reference this in the description of works.

Note: Processing time for Parking Unit will not commence until all other approvals are complete for all other stakeholders.

New Obstruction Permits

2 Full working day

Extensions to Obstruction Permits*

1 Full working day

Entry into the Malls

1 full working day

*If the above time frames for extensions are not met, charges for parking may apply.


  • Parking work zone mark up (To be provided upon request)


The following fees and charges will apply to your application:

Standard Application and Processing Fee: $154.45
Road Closure Application and Processing Fee: $282.45
Traffic Management Plan Re-assessment Fee: $100 per hour
Noise Management Plan Re-assessment Fee: $101 per hour
Late Application Fee (new):   $100
Permit Extension Fee (new):  $50.00 

Note: application fees are non-refundable

Additional fees that may apply:

Parking Fees

Where parking bays are impacted by the works being undertaken, fees are applicable. You will be invoiced separately for these fees once an assessment is made by our Parking Services Unit.

Works Bond

A bond is generally required for road excavations and where permitted, whenever a heavy vehicle or machine is to be driven on or across a footpath or in the malls. If a Bond is required, you will be invoiced separately.

Please Note: Additional fees may be applicable for public health approvals and traffic management advice. Where these fees are payable, you will be notified by the Activity Approvals Unit and invoiced separately.
Obstruction Permits will not be issued until all additional invoices have been paid.

Required Documents



Diagram of Location of Works

Required for every application

Diagram of Work Site Layout

Required for every application

Works Staging Plans

Only required when works will be scheduled in stages

Noise Management Plan

Only required if works being undertaken outside of the following hours: 7am - 7pm Monday - Saturday (excluding public holidays)

Notification Letter for Out of Hours Works

Only required if works being undertaken outside of the following hours: 7am - 7pm Monday - Saturday (excluding public holidays)

Drawing detailing new pits and conduits

Where new pits and conduits are being installed

Traffic Management Plan

Required when the activity that obstructs the passage of vehicles (full road closures or partial road closures) 
Traffic Management Plan, in accordance with the Code of Practice, including traffic and pedestrian movement and control. Please refer to Main Roads WA for information on Traffic Management Plans 

Notification letter for Road Closures and diagram showing the proposed distribution area

Required when a road will be closed

Certificate of Currency – Public Liability Insurance, minimum indemnity of $10m

Only required for commercial works


To Apply

Please note: The Permit Holder is responsible for ensuring compliance with the conditions as outlined in the Obstruction Permit. If you are applying on behalf of another company, and are not able or willing to ensure compliance, please have the appropriate company complete the application form. Non-compliance with permit conditions can result in infringements and/ or work being halted.

Please ensure you have read the information of processing times prior to submitting your application.

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