Agreement Signed 18 May 1998

The Sister City agreement with the City of Nanjing, China was officially established in May 1998.

Situated in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province, Nanjing is in the economic zone of the Yangtze Delta. It is within the northern sub-tropical monsoon area and has four distinct seasons.

As a city close to rivers and lakes it is an important communication and transportation centre. Nanjing has a comprehensive industrial base, is one of China’s four major scientific research and educational centres and is also an important cultural centre for the region.

Nanjing covers an area of 6,516 square kilometres, including 975 square kilometres of urban area. Nanjing is 300 kilometres from Shanghai and 1,200
kilometres from Beijing. It has a population of 5.2 million, including 2.63 million urban dwellers.

The City is ranked 5th in China in terms of economic development and production in China. There are about 400 enterprises from more than 20 countries operating in Nanjing’s Economic Technological Development Zone. It is the second largest business centre after Shanghai.

Comparative Statistics
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Recent Activities

23 February 1999: The Nanjing Little Red Flower Arts Troupe visits Perth. The Troupe consists of 39 people, including 28 children aged 7 to 12 years.

7 to 9 November 1998: A four-person delegation from Nanjing, led by Mr Xu Yaoxing, Deputy Chairman of Nanjing Foreign Culture Exchange Association, visits Perth to explore media exchange opportunities.

25 May to 1 June 1999: A nine-person delegation from the Nanjing Government Economic Commission conducts a self-funded visit to Perth with assistance by the Australia-China Friendship Society WA Branch (Inc).

31 October to 2 Nov 1999: The Nanjing 11 person Trade and Goodwill Mission visits Perth, led by Madame Zhang Ye, Chair, Nanjing Municipal Committee of Chinese People Political Consultative Conference.

September 1999: The City of Perth forms a Perth-Nanjing Friendship City Committee, Chaired by Dr Yit-Seng Yow, Central TAFE. The committee is no longer convened.

August 1999: The Jian Xi Paint and Calligraphy Exhibition is held in Perth.

1 November 1999: A “Memorandum for the Further Enhancement of Charter of Mutual Friendship and Cooperation Between Nanjing and the City of Perth” is signed in Perth by Ms Zhang Ye, Chairperson of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Nanjing Committee and the Lord Mayor.

10 to 14 September 2001: The Nanjing Art Exhibition is held at the City of Perth.

December 2001: The Nanjing Foreign Affairs Office leads a 7-person delegation to Perth to undertake research in the areas of animal husbandry and agriculture. The delegation is led by Mr Wang Zhengsheng, Advisor to Nanjing Municipal People’s Government.

December 2003: 23 Chinese Mayors visit Perth.

July 2004: The City of Perth meets with the Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Perth, to discuss future cultural exchange activities.

October 2005: West Australian Ballet tours China, including Sister City Nanjing, sponsored by The City of Perth.

24 April 2005: Nanjing Foreign Affairs Office and Nanjing Municipal People's Congress visits Perth.

21 December 2005: Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Jiangsu Province, China, visits Perth.

11 to 13 June 2006: A delegation from the Nanjing branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference visits Perth for civic and business meetings.

12 June 2006: The Australia China Business Council, Western Australia Branch, signed a memorandum of friendship with the Nanjing branch of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade.

13 May to 16 May 2008: The 13-person Nanjing Economic and Goodwill delegation visited Perth.

15 May to 23 May 2008: The Images of Nanjing Photographic Exhibition was launched by Deputy Lord Mayor Councillor Michael Sutherland at Council House.

15 May 2008: A commemorative Chinese Elm Tree was planted in Stirling Gardens to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Nanjing-Perth Sister City alliance.

2 August 2008: The Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporations Little Journalist' Mission visits Council House.

20 March 2009: Visit by Nanjing Audit University delegation, hosted by the Lord Mayor. Included Professor Xiong Renming (Chair of the Board), Professor Zhang Jincheng (Vice President), Assoc Prof Wang Shutian (Director of Organisation Office), Assoc Prof Shi Ping (Deputy Dean, School of Accounting), Ms Pei Wenying (Deputy Dean, School of Foreign Studies / Research Fellow), Simon Zhang (Chaperone).

9 April 2009: Dr Judith Berman, UWA, was successful in her application for the Endeavour Executive Award at Nanjing University in China.

Image: Nanjing Audit University Delegation with the Right Honorable Lord Mayor, Ms Lisa Scaffidi

10 to 16 April 2009: The LM visited China with Perth Education City to lead an education sector promotional visit to China. She visited Anhui, Hefei and sister city Nanjing.

These were the highlights:


  • Visit to Nanjing Audit University to explore.
  • Attended the inaugural Nanjing-Perth Sister City Friendship Association convened by the Nanjing Foreign Affairs Office
  • Launched the "University of Western Australia Research Experience Scholarship" - Hefei and Nanjing
  • Explored opportunities with Nanjing University, Nanjing Audit University and Drum Tower Hospital (medical research collaboration with a view to establishing sister hospital relationship)
  • Launched Orthocell Pty Ltd - launched collaboration between Chinese and WA in area of regenerative medicine. Orthocell is a Biotherapeutic company dedicated to the improvement of the lives of people suffering from tendon injuries by providing innovative approaches to the treatment of OA and tendon injury due to sport.
  • Visited Langyanglu Primary School - Attended but The Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation’s “Little Journalist” programme participants.


  • Sat 11 Apr, officiated at the Opening ceremony of the Anhui WA Centre at the Anhui Economic Management Institute.


  • Launched UWA scholarship at Hefei 168 High School.

22 to 23 October 2009: A delegation of 6 from various Nanjing businesses, lead by Mr Hao Luyong, Chairman of Huangma Industrial Corporation of Nanjing, visited Perth to learn about tourism and hotel management.

12 August 2010: An official Sister City delegation visits Perth to meet with education, tourism and business sector representatives. The delegation is lead by Mr Zhao Xiaojiang, Standing Member of CPC Nanjing Municipal Committee; Deputy Mayor, Nanjing Municipal People’s Government.

12 August 2010: The China Nanjing Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Western Australia signed an MOU (or "Friendly Cooperation Agreement") during a Nanjing sister city visit to Perth.

19-24 October 2010: The Right Honourable the Lord Mayor, Ms Lisa Scaffidi attends the 2010 (4th) World Historic and Cultural Cities Expo in Nanjing and the second Nanjing-Perth Friendship Association Meeting convened by the Nanjing Foreign Affairs Office and attended by representatives from the education, medical, science, commerce, arts and government sectors . The Lord Mayor also launched the Designer Fashion Showcase, Western Australia, at the Shanghai Fashion Week Festival.