The City of Perth recognises that internet access is of growing importance to our increasingly mobile community. If you are in the Perth CBD log on to the 'Perth WiFi' network to access the internet.

Perth WiFi 

The City of Perth offers free public WiFi around the CBD. The service allows users to connect to the internet for basic browsing.

The ‘Perth WiFi’ internet service provides blanket coverage over the CBD area which means once you connect you can roam the city streets and remain connected to the internet.

Below is a map of the ‘Perth Wifi’ blanket coverage area.

The City of Perth also provides free WiFi in the Northbridge Piazza area.

The ‘Perth WiFi’ free internet service is available to any WiFi enabled device. This includes smart phones, tablets or laptops.

To connect to the Perth WiFi network:

  • Make sure you are in the WiFi coverage area
  • On your device, select ‘Perth WiFi’ as the desired WiFi network. This option should be available under your device’s “WiFi Settings” menu
  • If your web browser does not automatically open, open your web browser and City of Perth landing page will appear
  • Click “Connect Me” to confirm you have read and accept the terms & conditions of the service
  • Start browsing the internet

Download and connection limits

‘Perth WiFi’ is for basic internet browsing.

Users have a download limit of 50mbs per connection. Once this limit is reached users will need to reconnect to the service.

If users do not exceed their download limit they can remain connected to the network for an hour. After an hour users will need to reconnect