As opportunities to capitalise on growing trends of food security and strong international demand for premium food, agribusiness and aquaculture opportunities increase, the City of Perth has commenced a dedicated focus on this area.

The promotion of these areas, particularly in terms of securing investment into local agribusiness technology and exporting knowledge services associated with food will cement Perth’s position as a regional centre of excellence in these emerging fields and continue to diversify the city’s local economic base.

Fast facts

For the past decade, up to 70 per cent of WA’s total food and beverage exports (valued at ~$5 billion) have been destined for Asia - with China, Japan and Indonesia now our largest markets
The FAO (Food and agriculture organisation of the United Nations) estimates that the global value of food production must increase by 60 per cent from 2006 levels to meet global demand in 2050 (FAO 2012).