Our Customer Service team are the first port of call for enquiries, comments and issues within the City of Perth. They can connect you to the most appropriate staff from the various departments.

You can reach us online, by mail, email, phone or in person at Council House.

Please note the Customer Service Centre operates 8:00am to 5:00pm each week day, except Public Holidays.

After hours calls will be taken by City Perth Rangers or Security Team who can address urgent matters

Contact Customer Service

ABN number

The City of Perth ABN number is 83 780 118 628 

Quick Contact List

Contact  Phone number 
Direct Contact City of Perth Library  Phone number (08) 9461 3500 
Direct Contact Security, surveillance & after hours issues Phone number (08) 9461 6611
Direct Contact Emergency security contact
Phone number (08) 9461 6666 
Direct Contact Development approvals  Phone number (08) 9461 3366 
Direct Contact Recycling & Rubbish (Waste management)  Phone number 1800 013 827 
Direct Contact Rates enquiries  Phone number (08) 9461 3296 
Direct Contact Parking infringements  Phone number 1300 366 461
Direct Contact Graffiti hotline  Phone number 1800 109 010 
Direct Contact Perth Town Hall  Phone number (08) 9461 3555 
Direct Contact Tenders  Phone number (08) 9461 3247 
Direct Contact Media enquiries  Phone number (08) 9461 3425 

Customer Service Line

Please direct all enquiries related to events, promotions, approvals, bookings, general questions and feedback to our Customer Service Line:

(08) 9461 3333