Perth city is the place where people, ideas and industry meet, creating a dynamic and fast-paced business environment that drives the development of the Western Australian economy.

Economic Development Vision

A future focused and resilient city: A city that is committed to sustainable principles that promote social, economic and environmental resilience for current and future generations. A focus on equity, social inclusion, economic prosperity and environmental integrity builds the city’s resilience levels. - Goal 4, Shaping Our Capital City Strategic Community Plan 2029.

Fast Facts

  • Perth city’s $41.8 billion economy represents approximately 25.9% of Greater Perth’s economy (REMPLAN 2016) and is larger than many nation states, including Paraguay, Cambodia and Iceland (IMF 2016)
  • WA’s gross state product (GSP) was $240 billion in 2015-16. (DSD WA Economic Profile)
  • The population of WA is 2.57 million people, with the Greater Perth area accounting for approximately 2 million. (DSD WA Economic Profile)
  • The population of Western Australia is forecast to reach 3.27 million by 2026. (DSD WA Economic Profile)
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Key Sectors

  • Tourism
  • Resources
  • Creative Industries
  • Retail
  • Education and Vocational Education Training
  • Health and Medical Research
  • Property
  • International Engagement
  • Resources and Energy
  • Place Development
  • Food and Agri Business
  • Innovation and knowledge intensive industries

Key Services

The City of Perth’s Economic Development Unit (EDU) is responsible for assisting with the development and growth of the city’s local economy. This objective is achieved by working with existing and emerging industry sectors to promote Perth as a high calibre business and investment destination.

  • Local business attraction, retention and development planning.
  • Development and support of the resource; tourism; knowledge and innovation, education, health and life science based industries.
  • Promotion of knowledge and opportunities relevant to businesses in a wide range of industry sectors
  • Management and facilitation of Foreign Direct Investment.
  • Facilitation of  positive relationships and transactions with international markets
  • Market research and data collection.
  • Enhancement of the night time economy.
  • Investigation and support for property and development initiatives
  • Assistance with securing Federal Funding for economic development initiatives

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