City of Perth Committee (City of Perth Act 2016)

The City of Perth Committee (Committee) was established under the City of Perth Act 2016 (Act).  

The Committee comprises of the:

  • Premier of Western Australia
  • Minister for Local Government
  • Director General, Department of Local Government
  • Lord Mayor, City of Perth
  • Deputy Lord Mayor, City of Perth
  • Chief Executive Officer, City of Perth

The Premier may invite any Minister, Parliamentary Secretary or other Member of Parliament to attend a meeting of the Committee.  The Committee is required to meet at least twice a year.

The objectives of the Act and the City of Perth and also further details of the Committee can be found via the above PDF.  Minutes of previous Committee meetings can also be accessed below;

Minutes - City of Perth Committee (12 Oct 2017).pdf

Minutes - City of Perth Committee (28 Nov 2016).pdf

Minutes - City of Perth Committee (22 August 2016).pdf

The Committee is managed by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet (State Government) and supported by a secretariat located within the City of Perth (Local Government).