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Elizabeth Quay

Major projects


Learn more about major projects occurring in and around the City of Perth

City of Perth capital works projects

  • East End Revitalisation Program
    Northbridge Piazza Event

    East End Revitalisation Program

    The East End Revitalisation Program aims to improve the environment, character and quality of the East End precinct through revitalisation of the streetscape in Hay, Pier and Irwin Streets.

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  • Roe Street Enhancement
    Northbridge Piazza Event

    Roe Street Enhancement

    The City is proposing to upgrade Roe Street to compliment the Perth City Link development, reconnect the Central Business District with Northbridge and facilitate regeneration of the area.

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  • Proposed Northbridge Special Precinct
    Northbridge Piazza Event

    Proposed Northbridge Special Entertainment Precinct

    Are you a business, resident, worker or visitor to Northbridge?

    Learn more about proposed changes to the City's local planning scheme relating to Noise Management.

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  • Hay Street Mall

    Hay Street Mall — Public Realm Enhancement Concept Plan

    The City of Perth is proposing to create a more vibrant public space by rationalising, refreshing and supplementing the existing fabric of the public realm.

    The City is looking to upgrade the Hay Street Mall to include improved infrastructure to enable more events and activation, particularly at night, new and more varied seating to encourage more activity in the Hay Street Mall and to more trees to provide shade while maintaining pedestrian thoroughfares and views to key heritage buildings.

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  • Wellington Square
    Wellington Square Major Project

    Wellington Square Draft Masterplan

    The City of Perth is currently working with a range of State Government departments, agencies and community service providers to address social issues at Wellington Square.

    The draft Masterplan was endorsed by Council in December 2017. Following further community consultation on the draft, the final Masterplan is due to be submitted to Council in mid 2018.

    The City received Section 18 approval from the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs in May 2018. This permitted the Geotechnical Investigation and the final stage of the Hydrology Feasibility Study. Meanwhile, the Electrical and Lighting Concept is being refined, Quantity Survey is being finalised and staging workshops have been conducted. 

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  • Urban Forest

    Urban Forest Plan

    An urban forest is broadly defined as the collection of green spaces, trees and other vegetation that grows within an urban area, on both public and private land.

    It provides a range of social, environmental and economic benefits that enrich the quality of urban life.

    The City of Perth adopted its Urban Forest Plan following a period of public consultation. The Plan sets out a clear vision for the future planning, management and expansion of the urban forest.

    Part of Stage 3 has seen the development of a Micro Greening Guide to help introduce small scale planting and greening in privately owned spaces across the city.

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State Government projects

  • Perth City Link and Yagan Square
    Yagan Square

    Perth City Link and Yagan Square

    Perth City Link is a series of significant projects for the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) and Public Transport Authority (PTA) that sinks the northern rail line creating a 13.5 hectare site between the Perth Arena and Horseshoe Bridge. The developments within Perth City Link include Kings Square, Yagan Square, lots for permanent and short-term accommodation, PTA’s underground busport portals, and a series of internal roads.

    For more information and updates, visit MRA Perth City Link and MRA Yagan Square.


  • Elizabeth Quay
    Elizabeth Quay

    Elizabeth Quay

    The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority’s Elizabeth Quay project involves the creation of ten private lots, significant public realm, and an inlet that brings the Swan River into the City. The project includes a refurbishment of Barrack Square, construction of a pedestrian bridge, and an island with the refurbished Florence Hummerston pavilion.

    For more information and updates, go to the MRA Elizabeth Quay website.

  • Waterbank
    People watching a rooftop movie with sunset in background


    A cosmopolitan destination for residences, businesses and tourism with a public beach at Waterbank.

    Riverside is a Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA) project area in East Perth bounded by Adelaide Terrace, Plain Street, Nile Street, Nelson Avenue and the Swan River. The project includes the Queens developed by Frasers and Waterbank, a development on the banks of the river. The MRA, Lend Lease and City of Perth are currently working through planning and development applications to reach a coordinated outcome.

    For more information and updates, visit MRA Riverside.


    Nelson Avenue Special Events Bus Stand (NASEBS)

    State Government Project

    This State Government project is part of the development of the Optus Stadium. The new Swan River Pedestrian Bridge/Matagarup Bridge will provide a direct pedestrian connection to the Optus Stadium from East Perth.

    The NASEBS is within the City of Perth at the intersection of Nile Street and Nelson Avenue in East Perth. NASEBS extends off the end of the Bridge along the Nelson Avenue foreshore. For more information go to the Optus Stadium public transport website.