Pets in the City

To keep dogs and cats as pets in the City of Perth, owners must abide by Council rules and regulations. The following information outlines what owners need to know about ownership and registration of their dogs and cats including fees, forms and the fines that will be applied if not adhered to.

Cat registration

All domestic cats in Western Australia, over six months of age, will need to be sterilised, micro chipped and registered with their local government.

Registration Fees

The State Government determines the registration fees which are as follows:

1 year $20.00 ($10.00 pensioner concession)
3 years $42.50 ($21.25 pensioner concession)
Lifetime $100.00 ($50 pensioner concession)

Registration period is 1 November to 31 October. Cat registrations expire on 31 October each year (as from 1 June of each year half the normal fee will be applicable to first cat registrations).

Upon presentation of a current Seniors concession card, half the usual fee applies.

To register a cat complete the online form below, or alternatively download the PDF form and hand deliver or post it to the City of Perth.



Download, complete and post a Cat Registration Form.

Micro Chipping

Micro chipping is a requirement of cat registration, so owners must have their cat micro chipped by their vet or at the Cat Haven before registering them with the City of Perth.

For more information on micro chipping please visit

Dog Registration

State Government regulations require all dogs that are registered, will also need to be microchipped.

A dog is only exempt from microchipping if a veterinarian issues a certificate stating that the implantation of a microchip may adversely affect the health and welfare of the animal.  

Dog registration is due by 1 November each year. All dogs over 3 months of age need to be registered. Please note that owners of unregistered dogs can incur a $200 on the spot fine by council rangers.

The State Government determines the registration fees which are as follows:

  Sterilised Unsterilised
1 year $20.00
($10.00 pensioner concession)
($25.00 pensioner concession)
3 years $42.50
($21.25 pensioner concession)
($60.00 pensioner concession)
Lifetime $100.00
($50.00 pensioner concession)
($125.00 pensioner concession)

To register a new dog complete the online form below, or alternatively download the PDF form and bring or post it to the City of Perth.



Download, complete and post a Dog Registration Form.

Change of circumstance

If your circumstances change, for example your dog becomes sterilised or you move out of the City of Perth or you become eligible for a Seniors card. Please contact the Council in person or by phone or by using the online form.


Dog ownership

Your Dog and the Law
By law, dog owners must take responsibility for their pet's actions. There are penalties for owners who disregard the dog laws.

Council needs to be notified in writing about any changes of dog ownership so its records can be kept up to date.

In a residential area, Council limits each household to two dogs.

The Dog Act of 1976 provides that owners need to ensure that their dog:

  • wears a collar, is microchipped (with current owner details) and the Councils registration tag attached when in a public place
  • can be confined to the premises where it lives
  • is held by a competent person capable of controlling a dog on a maximum two (2) metre lead when in a public place
  • is only exercised off the lead in designated areas. However, the person in control must carry a leash should it be required to be attached
  • is registered in one persons name who is over the age of 18 years

Parents should not let children walk a dog on their own, unless they are confident that the child can control the dog in any situation.

Riding a bicycle with the dog running alongside is dangerous.

On The Spot Fines

Nature of offence Modified penalty for dogs other than dangerous dogs ($) Modified penalty for dangerous dogs ($) Modified penalty whether or not dog is a dangerous dog ($)
Unregistered dog 200 400  
Failure to ensure dog microchipped 200    
Breach of kennel establishment licence     200
Dog not wearing collar with attached registration tag 200    
Dog not held or tethered in certain public places 200    
Dog in place without consent 200 400  
Dog attack or chase causing physical injury 400    
Dog attack or chase causing no physical injury 200 400  
Dangerous dog not wearing prescribed collar with prescribed information   400  
Dangerous dog not muzzled   400  
Dangerous dog not held or tethered   400  
Failure to give name, date of birth or address on demand 200 400  
Allowing a dog to defecate in a public place or any land which is not a public place without the consent of the occupier 100 100  

NOTE: Dogs that have been deemed dangerous carry double the standard penalty.
DOG ATTACKS - Maximum Penalty is $10,000

Impounded Dogs
Impounded dogs are taken to the Dog Refuge Home at Shenton Park. Each dog impounded incurs an impound fee of $100 and a board fee of $24 per day. These fees must be paid before a dog is released. Also a registration fee is required to be paid if the dog is unregistered.

As well, when a dog is impounded, an infringement notice may be issued for the dog not being held or tethered. In addition, further infringement notices may be issued for other applicable offences.

Dog Exercise Areas

Wellington Square East Perth

Wellington Square East Perth


Totterdell Park West Perth

Totterdell Park West Perth

JH Abrahams Reserve Crawley

JH Abrahams Reserve Crawley

NOTE: It is important that all owners remove their dogs excreta from all reserves and public places within the City of Perth.


For online enquiries on animal registration matters within the City of Perth: