The City of Perth has embarked on a long term plan to revitalise the City’s laneways and forgotten spaces. In August 2008, the City of Perth formally adopted the strategy “Forgotten Spaces – Revitalising Perth’s Laneways”.

11/4/2016 - McLean Lane Enhancement Proposal: Find out more about the City's latest laneway revitalisation proposal.

To realise this strategy, upgrades are planned to improve the physical form of a number of City owned laneways in the CBD. 

Laneways are unique half-hidden spaces that lend themselves to be treated differently to the main streets of Perth. Laneways add a new and exciting dimension to the fabric of the city and give the city a finer grain and different scale of space for people to discover and enjoy. The proposed designs aim to enhance the urban fabric of the spaces and celebrate each laneway’s distinctive environment. 

The City’s leadership and commitment to improve laneways and encourage a ‘finer grain’ of activities in the central city area has already stimulated commercial interest in these previously neglected spaces. 

Completed laneway upgrades

The upgrade of Howard Lane was completed late December 2009. In May 2010, the City of Perth received the Landscape Architecture (WA Chapter) Award in Design for the City Laneways Project – Howard Lane Upgrade. The Jury recognised its success in encouraging activation and utilisation of utility areas. 

The upgrade of Grand Lane, located off Murray Street Mall and Barrack Street, is complete. Improvements include new wall mounted lights, several murals including a large piece occupying 99 metres of the City Central building, a new pavement surface, free WiFi, lightbox exhibition spaces, and LED lighting to the Barrack Street end of the laneway.

Prince Lane was completed in 2013 adding yet another revitialised laneway to the city.