The City of Perth is conducting a six month footfall analytics trial to collect data on pedestrian movements in the Murray Street and Hay Street Malls.

This data will provide the City with pedestrian traffic flow information including routes travelled, dwell times and repeat visits.

The purpose of the trial to investigate the type of data that can be collected and how it can be used to improve strategic planning for a range of city initiatives and programs.

The trial will run from July to December 2016.

How it works

The City of Perth has engaged a third party contractor to collect raw pedestrian data.

Data will be collected using Wi-Fi Location Based Services technology. This technology is used all around the world and is already in use in Perth and elsewhere within Western Australia.

Wi-Fi Location Based Services technology collects data using the media access control (MAC) address and location coordinates from Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices.

MAC address do not contain any personal information and the identity of individual pedestrians remain anonymous.

Mobile devices do not need to be connected to a specific Wi-Fi network to have their MAC address collected. The technology will collect data from any mobile device within the trial area that has its Wi-Fi settings enabled.

If you do not wish to have your data collected whilst in the trial area, simply switch your mobile device to ‘Airplane mode’ or disable Wi-Fi when in the Murray Street and/or Hay Street Malls.

Alternatively, you can search for third party apps to stop Wi-Fi Location Based Services accessing the MAC address on your mobile device.

For more information on the trial please contact: Erin Clark on 9461 3389.