A key objective within the City of Perth’s Transport Strategy is the aspiration towards a more walkable and pedestrian friendly City.  The City has a number of initiatives in place to achieve this objective, including the introduction of parallel walk phasing at signalised intersections.

Converting intersections to parallel walk phasing reduces waiting times for both pedestrians and motorists leading to shorter delays for pedestrians and traffic, and less congestion in the City.

Parallel walks can also help to improve road safety by providing consistent crossings at CBD intersections, encouraging a better understanding of how pedestrians and motorists should use them.

At intersections with parallel walk crossings, pedestrians should walk parallel to the traffic flow, with left and right turning vehicles giving way to pedestrians on the crossing.

On Tuesday 26 September 2017, the William Street / Mounts Bay Road / Esplanade intersection will be converted from an exclusive pedestrian phase to parallel walk phasing (visit the Newsroom for more information.)

Parallel walk phasing will be introduced to replace the exclusive pedestrian crossing phase at this intersection, where diagonal crossing currently occurs despite this pedestrian movement not being supported by signals.

Pedestrians should only cross parallel to the traffic flow, according to the pedestrian crossing symbols displayed to them.

Motorists should approach this intersection in an alert, safe and courteous manner, as new signal phases will be in operation and vehicles should give way to crossing pedestrians where required.

Motorists are reminded that by law, turning vehicles must give way to crossing pedestrians. Specific instances of poor driver behaviour can be reported to WA Police, who are responsible for enforcing the Road Traffic Code.

Motorists travelling from the Esplanade to the Mitchell Freeway (North) are encouraged to use the Freeway access at Mounts Bay Road / Spring Street instead of the access from William Street. Motorists should find this route quicker due to the new signal phasing in operation.

For more information about parallel walks, please email info@cityofperth.wa.gov.au or call (08) 9461 3333.

Further information about the City’s Transport Strategy is available by clicking on the link. 

Parallel Walk

Intersections already converted to parallel walk crossings:

- Wellington St / Barrack St

- Wellington St / William St

- Beaufort St / Aberdeen St

- Beaufort St / Newcastle St

- Beaufort St / Roe St

- Sutherland St / Railway Pde / Roe St

- Victoria Ave / Terrace Rd

- William St / Aberdeen St

- William St / James St

- William St / Newcastle St

- Hay St / Pier St

- Hay St / Victoria Ave

- Wellington St / Pier St

- Hay St / Milligan St

- Murray St / Milligan St

- Murray St / Pier St

- Adelaide Tce / Plain St

- Wellington St / Bennett St

- Hay St / Bennett St

- Wellington St / Lord St

- Wellington St / Hill St

- Hay St / Hill St

- St Georges Tce / Pier St

- Wellington St / Sutherland St

- Wellington St / Havelock St

- Wellington St / Plain St

- Wellington St / Colin St

- Roe St / Milligan St

- Hay St / Plain St

- Thomas St / Kings Park Rd

- Hay St / Colin St

- Mounts Bay Rd / Spring St

- Mounts Bay Rd / Mill St

- Adelaide Terrace / Hill St

- St Goerges Tce / Irwin St

- Aberdeen St / Stirling St

- Royal St / Bennett St