Do you live or work in the city? Do you own a business? Do you visit or study in the city?

The City of Perth invites you to contribute your aspirations for the future of the areas where you live, work and play and encourages you to get involved by participating in a community engagement program.

Community engagement activities including a survey are being held from November 2017 to the end of January 2018 on the City’s Engage Perth online platform

Your involvement will directly influence the City Planning Strategy and help shape the long-term vision for Perth’s city neighbourhoods.

The City is made up of a number of distinctive city neighbourhoods, each with their own identity, qualities, strengths and weaknesses.

CoP map

The City is building upon earlier work and looking to harness the energy and interest emerging in our city neighbourhoods to create spatial plans and strategies that will steer our city’s growth and development over the next 10-15 years.

Technical Reports and background analysis – July 2017 – July 2018

Preliminary Stakeholder Engagement – November 2017 – January 2018

Multi-stakeholder Collaborate Event – April 2018

Spatial Plan and Strategy Preparation – February 2018 – June 2018

Draft Strategy Lodgement with State Government – August 2018

Formal Consultation - 2019

Finalisation and Approval – 2019

What is the City Planning Strategy?

The City’s Strategic Community Plan 2029 created a vision and comprehensive goals to guide the City of Perth and its operations.

CoP Maps

The City Planning Strategy is the long-term strategic urban land use plan that provides direction on the City of Perth’s growth and decision making for the next 10-15 years.

The Strategy will directly inform a new City Planning Scheme for the City of Perth.

CoP Diagram

When will the City have a draft City Planning Strategy for comment?
The City is undertaking a background review and preparing technical reports to inform the City Planning Strategy. Initial community engagement begins in November 2017 and seeks to obtain input on key issues which will guide the overall development of the Strategy. Further stakeholder engagement is expected to be held in March 2018.

A formal draft City Planning Strategy is expected to be finalised in June 2018 and will be advertised for comment at this time.

Why do we need a City Planning Strategy?
The intent of the Strategy is to provide high level strategic solutions to matters such as population growth and housing needs, strengthening our local economy and improving the connections and spaces where our community live, work and visit. 

All local governments in WA are required to prepare a Planning Strategy under state legislation. The outcomes and recommendations of the Planning Strategy will inform the preparation of a new Planning Scheme for the City of Perth.

A new City Planning Scheme will replace the current City of Perth City Planning Scheme No. 2 and City of Subiaco Town Planning Scheme No. 4 for our new areas of Crawley and Nedlands. The new City Planning Scheme will guide development and growth within the City of Perth over the next 10-15 years.

What is the City doing to address population growth?
The City must respond to the growing and changing demographics of Perth’s population to make sure the city has a bright and healthy future. By 2036, more than 40,000 residents are expected to be living in the City. The City Planning Strategy will propose long-term housing growth areas and identify areas which are suitable for denser development. To ensure growth is sustainable these locations will need to be supported by key infrastructure, public transport, activity centres, areas for recreation and access to our day to day needs.

How will the City Planning Strategy affect me or my property?
The City Planning Strategy is a high level document that identifies broad strategies and key actions to be implemented at a city wide and neighbourhood level.  The City Planning Strategy will not specify changes to individual properties.

The recommendations of the City Planning Strategy will inform the development of the new City Planning Scheme, and future amendments to city policy, procedure and plans.

The City Planning Scheme, and its associated policies and plans, is the statutory document that outlines how individual properties can be developed in the City of Perth area.

Further consultation as to how these changes may potentially affect you, your property, your city experience or your business will be undertaken as part of the more detailed planning process when the City Planning Scheme is prepared.

You are also welcome to contact the City at any time to ask for information or updates.

How is the City Planning Strategy different to other plans for the City?
The City Planning Strategy is the framework for local land use planning and the strategic basis for the new City Planning Scheme.

Beyond this however, it provides alignment between State Government planning policies, strategies, and strategic development initiatives and local planning. It may also be used by other agencies as a means by which economic, transport, environmental and social issues could be strategically addressed.

How can I have my say in the City Planning Strategy?
A community survey and other engagement activities are being held from November 2017 to the end of January 2018 on the City’s Engage Perth online platform

We invite all members of the community to participate in the activities running during this time. You can also register on the website to be kept informed during the City Planning Strategy process.

A survey team will also be hitting the streets of our city neighbourhoods for two weeks in November 2017 asking members of the community what they think of their city neighbourhood.

The feedback provided through these activities will directly influence the outcomes of the City Planning Strategy.

The final draft document will also be advertised for comment in accordance with legislative requirements. At this stage this is expected to occur in June 2018.

If you wish to be kept informed on the progress of the City Planning Strategy please register for updates through the Engage Perth online platform.

What happens to my responses of the survey and other engagement activities?
All survey and activity responses are confidential. The outcomes of the survey and other engagement activities will be compiled and the overall results will be published in a future Stakeholder Engagement Outcomes Report.  

Importantly, your responses will assist in determining key areas of interest and focus for the City Planning Strategy. The key messages, trends and outcomes of the survey will directly feed into the formation of the City Planning Strategy.

Will any personal details be released to the public?
No. The City of Perth values and respects your privacy.

How can I ask questions about the City Planning Strategy?
Email the City Planning Strategy project team:

Write to:
City of Perth
City Planning Unit
GPO Box C120
PERTH  WA  6839

Call us on 9461 3161 and ask to speak to the City Planning Strategy project team.

Further Information

The Western Australian Planning Commission website contains information on the WA planning system and frameworks

The City’s Planning and Development page contains information on the current City of Perth Planning Scheme No. 2, precinct plans and policies.

The City of Subiaco website contains information on the City of Subiaco Town Planning Scheme No. 4 and relevant policies and information on the area of Crawley and Nedlands currently under that scheme.