The City of Perth is committed to providing best practice planning systems to attain the highest quality outcomes for the future development of Perth city. 

These Development Application videos have been created from the City's award winning 3D City Model and are intended to show all significant Building and Development Applications currently approved within the City of Perth boundary. With the 3D City Model being an integral part of the City's Planning and Development assessment process, detailed 3D models are now required to be submitted as part of any new major development application.

The coloured 3D models shown in these videos are 'Built Form' models only, showing the overall scale, form and location of all approved major developments. New videos will be posted every three months. 

July 2018

April 2018

January 2018

These videos are for information purposes only. All Approved Development and Building Applications presented here are representations of current applications only and may not actually be constructed. The City of Perth will not be held liable in any way for inaccuracies of the data and assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damages caused either directly or indirectly.