In recent years, our city has experienced an increase in the amount of residential and mixed use development, therefore making construction noise the second highest environmental noise issue within the City.

For builders, owners and contractors...

The high and continuous noise levels generated by construction works can affect sleep, concentration and mental and physical health among city residents and workers. Noise legislation is therefore in place to ensure the majority of noise sensitive premises are provided with an acceptable level of protection from excessive noise pollution most of the time.

Noise from construction sites is exempt from the assigned noise limits prescribed in Regulations 7 & 8 of the Noise Regulations from 7am to 7pm Monday to Saturday (excluding Public Holidays) if the works are being carried out in accordance with AS 2436-2010 - Guide to Noise and Vibration control on Construction, Demolition and maintenance sites.

It is important to note, however, that if there are any concerns raised about the level of noise impact at any time during a construction project, the City’s Chief Executive Officer can request a Noise Management Plan, irrespective of whether a Noise Management Plan was required at the earlier planning or building stage.

Application process for Construction 'Out of Hours'

Ideally, potential noise impacts and the feasibility to undertake works during the prescribed hours should be considered at the initial building stage and when scheduling works. However, we understand there may be special circumstances where there is a justifiable need for construction work to be conducted outside of the prescribed hours. Such circumstances could include:

  • Where there is a possibility that the community may be negatively impacted upon by the noise the application is based on, for example, the delivery of an oversized plant or structure, emergency works, maintenance, repair or works of public infrastructure, or public infrastructure works; or
  • Where the applicant can demonstrate that noone within the community will be adversely impacted by the construction work. 

Any proponent wishing to undertake construction work outside of the prescribed hours is required to make an ‘out-of-hours’ construction application to the City of Perth’s Compliance Services Unit, accompanied by a Noise Management Plan for assessment and approval.

The level of detail and sophistication needed in the Noise Management Plan is guided by factors such as the duration of works and the extent of the noise.  Short term works or low level works typically require less detail and are easier to assess and manage. 

The community is more likely to be understanding and accepting of noise if the information provided in the application is frank, does not attempt to understate the likely noise levels, and commitments are firmly adhered to. 

Following approval by the City, notification of the scheduled works should occur before and during construction.  A notification letter should be provided to those who may be impacted by the noise, giving contact details of the site supervisor or other nominated site person, together with a description of the works being undertaken, including time schedules of each stage.

The legislative requirement for community notification is a minimum of 24 hours prior to works commencing. However, informing noise affected people between 5 and 14 days before commencement is more appropriate. 


Making a Noise Complaint

If you are experiencing a construction-related noise disturbance, you can report the issue to us via the:


or by telephone:

Compliance Services
Office Hours: 9461 3333
After Hours: 9461 6611

For further information please see here.