The international award winning CitySwitch Green Office Program is a no-cost service offering commercial office tenants support to improve sustainability in their offices.

CitySwitch Green Office Program

The City of Perth facilitates the national CitySwitch Green Office Program in Perth. Run in partnership with the cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, this internationally awarded program is a high-value no-cost service which supports commercial office tenants to improve sustainability through the provision of a range of services.

CitySwitch assists commercial offices interested in:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Sustainable office waste management
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Installing renewables or procuring green power
  • Becoming carbon neutral
  • Health, wellness and productivity

The program:

  • Educates and inspires with a respected event series and through the provision of toolkits, case studies and site tours.
  • Facilitates links to other programs, information sources, industry bodies and communities of interest by identifying the market expertise that signatories might need in order to build corporate capacity, systems and comply with evolving legislative requirements.
  • Signposts incentives and financial vehicles available to expedite sustainability investments.
  • Celebrates and rewards sustainability leadership and achievement though its annual awards and ongoing member promotions in order to create competitive advantage for its signatories wherever possible.

Program Achievements

There are more than 800 tenancies nationally participating in CitySwitch: from multinational giants to small-to-medium size enterprises, and offices from all levels of government. If laid flat, the 3.5 million square metres of office space covered under CitySwitch would nearly cover the whole of Kings Park. 

kings park

In 2016, these signatories collectively saved $14.9 million from avoided energy costs and saved 380,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere. That’s the equivalent of building a wind farm with nearly 100 wind turbines.

Read more in the CitySwitch Annual Progress Report.


How to Participate

Contact – Get in touch with the CitySwitch Program Manager at the City of Perth to understand how your organisation can benefit from being a signatory.

Commit – Work with your executive management to select your environmental target (NABERS energy rating of 4.5 to 6 stars) and confirm your commitment to the program.

Plan – Work with the CitySwitch Program Manager, internal teams and the CitySwitch resource hub to identify areas of maximum opportunity for energy efficiency savings and build the business case.

Implement – Implement your projects leveraging lessons from the CitySwitch network.

Evaluate – Reflect on the efficacy of your projects using your annual NABERS rating and the CitySwitch Progress Report.

Recognise – Submit your projects for recognition by your peers at the annual CitySwitch Awards.

Plan – Return to the planning phase to identify the next priority projects.

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