Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions about employment at the City of Perth.

  1. What is the City of Perth?
  2. What is the City’s vision & objectives?
  3. What is the organisational structure of the City of Perth?
  4. How do I get involved in local government?
  5. What traineeships/apprenticeships are currently on offer?

What is the City of Perth?

The City of Perth is the Capital City of Western Australia.  The Capital City area is in many respects the symbol of Western Australia’s relationship with the rest of the nation and the Asia Pacific Region.  The City is also the focus for the greater metropolitan area. 

The City of Perth is a statutory entity constituted under the Local Government Act 1995.  Its role is to administer the affairs of the City and establish a policy framework that serves the City community.   

The City of Perth incorporates the Perth Central Business District together with the suburbs of East Perth, West Perth, Northbridge and part of Crawley. 

The governing body of the Council consist of nine elected members including the Lord Mayor.  Local Government elections are held in October with half the Council up for re-election every two years.  The Lord Mayor is elected by popular vote every four years.

What is the City’s vision & objectives?

Vision: That as the Capital of Western Australia, the City of Perth be widely acclaimed as a City of regional and international significance.


  • To provide vision and leadership in all our activities.
  • To provide a safe, accessible, comfortable and aesthetically pleasant City.
  • To operate in a financially prudent and ethical manner.
  • To ensure that services are delivered by best practice standards.
  • To deliver a high level of service in a friendly and courteous manner.
  • To ensure our staff work in a safe and fulfilling environment and that they are properly compensated for their contribution.

What is the organisational structure of the City of Perth?

The City has a Chief Executive Officer and 4 Directors. The 4 Directorates and their units are:

City Planning & Development

  • Urban Development
  • Strategy
  • Approval Services

City Services

  • Compliance Service
  • Marketing, Communications and Events
  • Community Services
  • Library Services
  • Property Management Services

City Infrastructure and Enterprises

  • Contract Management
  • Parks & Landscape Services
  • Operations
  • Off Street Parking

Corporate Services

  • Corporate Support
  • Financial Services
  • Human Resources
  • Information Services

Positions may be offered in the following disciplines:

  • Accounting
  • Administration
  • Community Services
  • Engineering
  • Environmental health
  • Human Resources
  • Landcare & Conservation
  • Library Services
  • Marketing
  • Planning & Development
  • Information and Technology

How do I get involved in local government?

  • Volunteering Opportunities – Youth Advisory Council / Visitor Info Centre
  • Elected Member
  • Traineeships/Apprenticeships
  • View our current job vacancies HERE

What traineeships/apprenticeships are currently on offer?

The City of Perth currently offers a Business Administration traineeship which runs over the course of 12 months. Upon completion of the traineeship, students will have attained a Certificate II or III in Business (Administration), whilst receiving excellent on-the-job skills and experience in the areas of customer service, computing and administration.  

Apprenticeships in Horticulture are also offered at the City of Perth, with the duration of the apprenticeship being 3 years. 

The City is always reviewing the prospect of taking on traineeships in new areas and to obtain further information or submit your interest in undertaking a traineeship/apprenticeship at the City, send an email to the Human Resources Unit, to notify the HR team of your interest !