City Planning Scheme No 2 Planning Policies

A number of planning policies have been created under City Planning Scheme No. 2.  They generally apply to the whole of the city with the exception of parts of Crawley and Nedlands which were transferred from the Cities of Subiaco and Nedlands to the City of Perth on 1 July 2016.

They should be read with City Planning Scheme No. 2 and its associated precinct plans and planning registers and lists as well as the Minor Town/Local Planning Schemes.

Planning Policy Manual - Part 1


Planning Policy Manual - Part 1 - Contents

How It Works

1.1 What is a policy manual and what does it contain?

General Planning Procedure

2.1 Applications
2.2 Public notification/advertising procedure
2.3 Requests for reclassification of land - guidelines for initiation
2.4 Policy initiation and amendment

Residential Development Policy

3.1 Design of residential development
3.2 Ancillary accommodation
3.3 Determining development applications for aged and dependent persons' dwellings
3.4 Home occupation
3.5 Non-residential uses in or adjacent to residential area
3.6 Residential uses in non-residential areas
3.7 Mixed residential/commercial development
3.8 Structures within setback areas
3.9 Special Residential (Serviced and Short Term Accommodation) Policy

Development And Design Policy

4.1 City Development Design Guidelines
4.2 Control and location of amusement parlours
4.3 Roller doors on shopfronts
4.4 Building heights and setbacks
4.5 Plot ratio
4.5.1 Bonus plot ratio
4.5.2 Transfer plot ratio
4.6 Signs Policy
4.7 Landscaping requirements
4.8 Pedestrian walkways
4.9 Residential Design Policy
4.10 Heritage Policy

Parking And Access Policy

5.1 Parking Policy
5.2 Loading and unloading
5.3 Bicycle parking and end of journey facilities

Other Planning Policy

6.1 Future Development of Northbridge
(Northbridge Report - Chapter 3 and Appendix 1)
6.2 James, William, Roe and Lake Street
6.3 Goderich Design Policy
6.4 Terrace Road Design Policy
6.5 Mount Street Design Policy
6.6 King Street Heritage Precinct Design Guidelines
6.7 Hay Street Pedestrian Walkway and Road Reserve Widening Policy
6.8 William Street Station Precinct
6.9 William Street Conservation Area Design Guidelines

Planning Policy Manual - Part 2


Planning Policy Manual - Part 2 - Contents 

Planning Policies and Design Guidelines for Normalised Redevelopment Areas

Planning Policies and Design Guidelines for Normalised Redevelopment Areas Map
Claisebrook Village Project Area
New Northbridge Project Area
Area 1 Claisebrook Road North (TOWN OF VINCENT)
Area 2 East Parade
Area 3 Belvidere
Area 4 Victory Terrace
Area 5 Jewell Lane
Area 6 Fielder Street
Area 7 Saunders Street
Area 8 Boans Warehouse
Area 9 Brook Street
Area 10 Brook Street (P&O Site)
Area 11 Chinese Consulate
Area 12 North Cove
Area 13 Harbourside
Area 14 Lord and Norbert Streets
Area 15 Norbert and Clotilde Streets
Area 16 Silver City
Area 17 East Perth Primary School
Area 18 Eastbrook Terrace
Area 19 Regal Place Car Park
Area 20 South Cove
Area 21 Constitution Hill North
Area 22 Gibraltar Way
Area 23 The Quadrant
Area 24 Royal and Bennett Streets
Area 25 Plain Street
Area 26 Haig Park
Area 27 Constitution Hill South
Area 28 Lot 201 Plain Street
Area 29 East Perth Cemetery
Area 30 Waterloo
Area 31 Brown and Kensington Streets West
Area 32 Brown Street East
Area 33 Kensington Street East
Area 34 Lot 119 Brown Street
Area 35 Russell Square
Area 36 Lake Street