Appeal a parking infringement

In certain circumstances the City is prepared to assess an infringement once it has been issued. Together with suitable proof, certain situations will be considered for withdrawal, however this is not guaranteed.

Key Details

What you needComplete the Appeal a Parking Infringement form.
Eligibility requirements

The following circumstances will be considered for infringement withdrawal.

  • Medical emergency prevented removing of vehicle: Documentation from a medical practitioner or hospital dated the same day of the alleged offence to support claim.
  • Broken down vehicle that could not be moved: A completed statutory declaration and a towing receipt or proof of repairs (such as receipt for parts, an invoice from the mechanic or RAC callout documentation).
  • Stolen vehicle: Reference number of corresponding police report.
  • Driver detained by police: Documentation from the police.

Frequently asked questions

  • Reasons appeals will generally not be considered

    You lost track of time

    Drivers must ensure they park in a place that provides enough time for their requirements. This includes budgeting time for a doctor’s appointment, hairdresser, job interview, court date or other activity. Some of these activities take longer than an hour or two, so parking in a short term bay is not appropriate.

    You did not see/understand the sign or did not know parking restrictions applied

    It is the drivers responsibility to look for parking signs to ascertain parking restrictions and if parking is permitted in the area they intended to leave their vehicle. Australian Standards are used as a guide only by the City to determine signage requirements. The City of Perth strives to comply with Australian Standards. However, it is not always reasonably possible to comply with the guidelines all the time.

    You left your permit in another car

    The driver of a vehicle must have their permit in their possession to park in a restricted area. If you do not have your permit on you, you need to find somewhere else to park.

    Your ticket or permit had fallen out of sight or flipped upside down

    It is the drivers responsibility to ensure tickets and permits are displayed correctly prior to leaving their vehicle.

    You thought you were allowed to park in a restricted area

    Only authorised vehicles can park in loading zones, taxi stands, disabled bays and charter bus bays.

    You only left your vehicle for a short period of time

    If a fee is required for a parking bay, then it is mandatory to pay it soon as your car is parked. Drivers must ensure they arrange money for ticket machines before they arrive. Quickly leaving your car to get change or use a toilet is not a valid reason for an appeal. Good Samaritan acts, while appreciated, are not valid reasons to appeal a parking infringement. Extreme circumstances will be reviewed individually when backed up by written documentation from the police or fire and emergency services.

    You could not find a parking bay, so you left your vehicle in a place you thought would have been alright

    In the City of Perth you can only park in designated parking areas.

  • Nominate another driver

    Nominations can only be accepted by the registered owner of the vehicle, or, if the vehicle is registered in a company name, by a representative of that company.

    Complete the online Nominate Another Driver form.

  • Taking an infringement matter to court

    The City of Perth requests that customers appeal an infringement directly to the City, prior to taking Court action. 

    Should you wish to proceed and take the matter to Court, please use the online Take the matter to Court form.