Ranger Services

Our Rangers deal with a variety of issues that occur throughout the City of Perth including:

  • Patrols of parks, reserves and City owned buildings
  • Litter
  • Dog and cat control
  • Assisting in the management of events
  • Patrolling streets, footpaths and verges for obstructions
  • Control of street traders
  • Control of buskers
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Unauthorised signs in public areas
  • Working with Police and other agencies to report anti-social or criminal behaviour

Wherever possible, problem resolution is attempted by discussion, negotiation and public education.

Rangers check various permits issued by the City of Perth including Obstruction Permits and Busking Permits.  They also deal with emergency situations by providing traffic and pedestrian management in the event of building collapses, major fires, major traffic accidents, storm damage, bomb threats or other emergency situations where vehicle or pedestrian traffic will be severely disrupted.

Note: Ranger Services do not manage parking issues.  Go to Street Parking.

Contact Information

Customer Service: (08) 9461 3333

Email: info.city@cityofperth.wa.gov.au

Report Issues: Report an Issue

Local Laws

Local Laws which Rangers enforce include:

  • Thoroughfares and Public Places Local Law 2017
  • Alfresco Local Law 2009
  • Public Trading Local Law 2005
  • Activities on Land Local Law 2002
  • Dog Local Law 2011
  • Local Government Property Local Law 2005
  • Public Trading Local Law 2005
  • Special Events Local Law 2007
  • Fencing Local Law 2015

View full details of City of Perth Local Laws

Animal Control

Under the provisions of the Dog Act 1976 and the Cat Act 2011 owners of dogs and cats residing within the boundaries of the City of Perth must have their animal registered with the City.  Registration of Cats became compulsory on 1 November 2013.

It is an offence NOT to do so and may incur a penalty of up to $400 should you not have your animal registered.  Dogs must be on a lead except for in dog exercise area.

For more information see Animals and Pets.

Fire Breaks

We all have a responsibility for fire safety.  Property owners must have firebreaks implemented by 31 October each year and maintain them until 31 May the following year.

Impounded Items

Items left unattended in a public place in contravention of Local Laws may be impounded.  This includes items such as camping equipment, bags/suitcases, real-estate signs and unauthorised signs.

Impounded items attract impound and storage fees which will be payable to the City of Perth,  items left unclaimed after 2 months (60 days) will be disposed of.

Items which may be a threat to public safety .i.e. an unattended bag or suitcase may be impounded immediately and disposed of accordingly.


Under Western Australia's Litter Act 1979, littering is illegal.  The Act authorises the Local Government, Keep Australia Beautiful Council (as part of the Department of Environment), Police and other litter enforcement agencies to take action against those who litter.  This action can be in the form of 'on-the-spot fines', or as reports to the KABC which are followed up by fines being sent to the offenders.

The following are examples of littering offences, with the accompanying penalties:

Littering in a public place 


Careless cigarette butt disposal

$200 to $500

Posting publicity material in a public place or on a vehicle without the permission of the owner


Littering that creates a public risk


Dumping rubbish in reserves or vacant land


Depositing domestic or commercial waste in a public bin


Items escaping from an unsecured load


Litter thrown from a vehicle *

$200 to $500


* In these cases, the person responsible for the vehicle will be deemed to have committed the offence where neither the litterer nor the driver of the vehicle can be identified.

Cigarette butts have become a significant littering issue, particularly as people are asked to smoke outside.  Infringements up to $500 may be issued to people who dispose of a cigarette butt incorrectly.

A maximum penalty of $5,000 (for individuals) and $10,000 (for corporations) may be imposed for littering offences.

To learn more about littering laws, penalties and education programs visit the Keep Australia Beautiful Campaign website.

Reporting littering

To report someone throwing or dumping litter from a car by taking note of key details of the offence and offender and passing the information on to the Keep Australia Beautiful Council, who will issue the offender with a fine on completion of a full report.

To register as a litter reporter, call the Keep Australia Beautiful Council on (08) 6467 5129.

Real-Estate Signs

Real-estate signs can be on display 30 minutes before and after a home is open for viewing, if signs are left on the verge outside of this timeframe the sign may be impounded and infringements issued.

Smoke Free Zones

Murray Street Mall, Hay Street Mall and Forrest Place are now designated ‘smoke free’ zones and people who smoke in the City’s malls or Forrest Place may be issued with a $100 infringement.