To prevent unauthorised vehicles from entering either the Hay St or Murray Street Malls to ensure public safety particularly during peak pedestrian traffic times.

All applications require 48 hours (2 working days) to notice.


Mall Access Times for Vehicles Parking in the Mall

Vehicles that are required to park in the mall for maintenance, shop-fit etc; can only do so during the followings times:-

MON-THURS: 1930-0600

FRI: 2300-0600

SAT: 1800-0700

SUN: 1800-0900

• Authorisation must be granted prior to entry 
• An online application can be obtained from the City of Perth website 
• No more than three (3) vehicles per company are allowed to park in either mall at any given time
• Deliveries must utilise the loading docks (see below) except those with their own loading docks ie: David Jones, Carillon, Target
• Companies with private registered parking can access the mall at any time except during non-vehicle movement times

To access the mall, vehicles must enter via the bollards using the intercom to speak directly with City Watch.  If the vehicle has been registered and approved for entry, City Watch will lower the bollards and allow access. 

Murray Street

• Entrance from William St
• One Way Only

Hay Street

• Entrance form Barrack St
• One Way Only

Private Parking off Mall

Properties with their own loading docks, private parking or lanes can access the mall at any time except during no vehicle movement times (see below).

Under no circumstances are vehicles to stop or park in the malls from 0600 to 1930 (2300 on Friday’s).

Parking on private property will only be approved if the bays are licensed and requests have been approved by the owner/agent.   

The owner/agent must complete an online application (HERE), once granted the vehicle registration/s will be recorded on the City of Perth database. 


No Vehicle Movement Times

There is strictly no vehicular movement through the malls between the following times:-

MON-THURS: 1200-1400  &  1700-1800

FRI: 1200-1400  &  1700-2300

SAT: 0900-1800  & Access to Private Docks & Parking is OK

SUN: 1100-1700  & Access to Private Docks & Parking is OK


During extended Christmas trading time’s access to the malls is restricted further to ensure the safety of pedestrian traffic.   

The 2017 Christmas trading times are:
Effective Tuesday 5th December 2017 – Tuesday 2nd January 2018

• Weekdays: 7am - 9pm
• Saturday: 7am - 6pm
• Sunday: 8am - 6pm
• Boxing Day & New Year’s Day: 8am – 6pm
• Christmas Day: Closed

Mall Access Times for Vehicles Parking in the Mall – Christmas Trading

MON-THURS: 2130-0600

FRI: 2230-0600

SAT: 0900-1800

SUN: 1700-0700

No Vehicle Movement Times – Christmas Trading

MON-THURS: 1200-1400  &  1700-2130

FRI: 1200-1400  &  1700-2300

SAT: 1900-1800  & Access to Private Docks & Parking is OK

SUN: 0900-1800  & Access to Private Docks & Parking is OK


Application for Mall Access 

An online application form (HERE) must be completed at least two (2) working days prior to entry date.  The City of Perth will review the application and respond via email with authorisation if the terms and conditions have been met.


City of Perth Thoroughfares and Public Places Local Law 2017

  • Code 1088 2.2(1)(c) Causing an obstruction on a thoroughfare - $250.00 
  • Code 1128 2.21(1)(b) Drive a vehicle on a closed thoroughfare - $350.00



There are two loading docks for deliveries into the malls-:


• Best for deliveries to Murray Street Mall
• Access off Wellington Street 
• West Bound before footbridge
• 3.6 m height clearance

Private Dock 

 • Best for deliveries to Hay Street Mall
• Access off 100 St Georges Tce
• East bound 
• 4.2 m height clearance
• Private Dock – for access phone 9476 7676

Loading Docks - Access Times

MON-THURS: 0600-1800

FRI: 0600-2100

SAT: 0700-1730

SUN: 1100-1800


Loading Zone - Parking Local Law

Code 10006 clause 2.3(1)(g) A person must not stop or park a vehicle in a parking facility which is designated by a sign as a loading dock unless a person is actively engaged in loading or unloading goods or materials used in any trade, business, industry or other work.

The City intends to relocate the above clause and update the parking signs, but until further notice, please use the clauses outlined below -:

If the vehicle is a truck or marked courier vehicle (authorised) and is not actively engaged in loading or unloading from that vehicle infringements should be issued for:

  • Apply the above Code 10006 clause 2.3(1)(g)

If truck or marked courier vehicle exceeds the 30 minute time limit an infringement should be issued for:

  • Code 10003 clause 2.3(1)(d) Stopped a vehicle longer than time specified by a sign

If the vehicle isn't a truck or marked courier vehicle as specified on the sign, infringement should be issued for:

  • Code 10019 clause 2.3(6) Stopped a vehicle in an 'Authorised Vehicles Excepted' area