Perth has a comprehensive network of cycle and dual-use paths. Many riverside routes are clearly signposted and detailed cycle maps can be obtained from most metropolitan bicycle retailers.

Getting your bike into the City

Did you know that Transperth allows you to bring your bike into the city at no extra cost?

Your bike can accompany you when travelling on trains during off peak times, weekends and public holidays, and is permitted anytime on Transperth Ferries.

Check with to read the conditions that apply when planning your trip.

Handy Tips for Walking and Cycling

Walking Cycling
Play it safe when crossing roads. Ride safely, use caution in traffic.
At night, walk with a friend. At night, use front and rear lights.
Wear a hat if it is sunny. If it might rain, take an umbrella. Wear a helmet and bright clothing.
Wear comfortable shoes and light clothing. When leaving your bike unattended, secure it at a bike parking facility, as indicated in the access guide, using a quality bike lock.
Be courteous to cyclists on shared paths by keeping left. Be courteous to walkers who use shared paths.
  Talk to regular cyclists for advice on local cycling conditions.
  Find a convenient route. Use this map or the one of the Perth Bike Map Series (more comprehensive cycling maps) that can be purchased from bike shops.

Know your roads

Be aware, recent changes have been made to traffic directions on some roads. Please make sure that you familiarise yourself with traffic flows when travelling in and around the city by foot, bike or board.
If you see a hazard to walking, cycling or skating around the city, report it here.


If skateboarding is your primary mode of transport, please consider the following when you choose to skate in the city:

  • Everybody has the right to feel safe.
  • You can take pride in the fact the City of Perth is one of safest capital cities in the world. To keep it that way, please show respect for other people by being polite and listening when they have concerns about where you skate.
  • Pedestrians always have the right of way.
  • It is in your best interest to avoid accidents and potential fines by carrying your skateboard through heavy pedestrian areas.


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The State Government's 'Cycle Instead' program has a range of information, including maps, about cycling in and around the City. Click here to visit the website.

See also Things to See and Do for walking tours of the city, or for our fitness routes and programs, Get Active in the City.