To make Perth an easier place to live, work and visit the City of Perth has implemented an On-Street Parking Policy that provides a consistent, well-managed system for short-stay users.

The vitality of businesses in the city depends on easy access for short-term visitors. Kerbside parking is ideal for this kind of use and the key is to keep the bays turning over.

The City of Perth’s standardised on-street parking policy provides a parking solution for people who seek quick, convenient parking in the city and encourages people seeking longer parking periods to use one of the long-term bays in Perth’s parking stations.

About Clearways

Nobody likes being stuck in traffic. To help minimise congestion and assist with the free flow of traffic in the city, from 8 September 2014 vehicles parked illegally in CBD clearways, no stopping and bus lane zones will be towed.

Vehicle Recovery
If your vehicle has been towed by Main Roads WA and you are seeking its recovery, please visit the MainRoadsWA website for full details.

Infringement payment
If you received an infringement notice from the City of Perth, please follow the payment instructions printed on your infringement notice or select an alternative option from the links on this page.

Street Parking Restrictions

Zone Hours of operation General Parking

Central City, River Foreshore

8am - 6pm (Mon - Sat)
12noon - 6pm (Sun)
30 minutes to one hour


8am - 6pm (Mon - Sat)  
12noon - 6pm (Sun)
Up to two hours
West Perth and East Perth - commercial 8am - 6pm (Mon- Sat) Up to three hours

West Perth and East Perth - residential

8am-6pm (Fri-Sat) Up to three hours
Crawley and Nedlands

8am-6pm (Mon-Fri)

Up to ten hours

Cost of Street Parking

Zone Cost

Central City, River Foreshore

$5.00 per hour or part thereof (minimum $2.00 transaction)

Motorcycle - $2.00 per hour


$4.20 per hour or part thereof (minimum $2.00 transaction)

Motorcycle - $2.00 per hour

West Perth

$4.10 per hour or part thereof (minimum $2.00 transaction) 

Motorcycle - $2.00 per hour

East Perth

$3.80 per hour or part thereof (minimum $2.00 transaction)

Motorcycle - $2.00 per hour

Crawley / Nedlands

$2.00 per hour or part thererof – 10 hours $13.50

Public holiday parking

If the parking sign specifies ‘including public holidays’ or ‘applies at all times’ (24 hours 7 days per week), then the time restrictions and fees are payable on public holidays.

Our parking signs that do not apply ‘at all times’, then the time restrictions and fees are not applicable of public holidays.
Public holidays are:
•    New Year's Day
•    Australia Day
•    Labour Day
•    Good Friday
•    Easter Monday
•    ANZAC Day
•    Western Australia Day
•    Queen's Birthday
•    Christmas Day
•    Boxing Day

Clearways in Perth CBD

Road Clearways

Clearways are key roads within the CBD that have been designated as 'no stopping' zones during specific times of the day to help traffic flow freely and safely.

They provide an additional traffic lane during peak periods, which helps move traffic more efficiently through the CBD during these especially busy times.

Clearways operate from 7am to 9am and 4pm to 6pm Monday to Friday or unless otherwise specified on the sign. Clearways do not operate on Saturday or Sundays.

During these times there is no stopping or parking allowed in clearway zones.

If you park in a clearway you risk receiving an infringement and being towed.

Loading Zones

Under the City of Perth Parking Local Law 2017 which came into effect 14 March 2017, the definition of a “commercial vehicle” states the following;

‘commercial vehicle’ means a motor vehicle that is –

     (a) constructed, adapted or fitted for the conveyance of goods; and

     (b) used primarily for the conveyance of goods,

but does not include a vehicle constructed for the conveyance of materials used in any trade, business, industry or any other work;

All the above aspects must be satisfied when utilising loading zones and the person is continuously engaged in loading or unloading goods for the duration the vehicle is parked, no other activity is permitted.

Vehicles  constructed  for the conveyance of goods are generally identified as trucks, vans and utility vehicles, however unlike under the City’s previous parking local law, these types of vehicles were permitted to park in  loading zones whether the vehicle was predominantly used for deliveries or not.

The new local law has been introduced to ensure Loading Zones are only used by  persons  conducting  regular  company business whose main purpose is to pick up or drop off goods. Therefore any utility or van used to carry a person  to  conduct  their  business or carry tools of trade including materials or goods required for installation are no longer permitted to utilise loading zones.

If a vehicle does not comply with the above requirements, the driver will need  to  utilise  a  regular  parking  bay  and comply with the conditions outlined on the parking signs.

Alternatively parking bays can be reserved  for longer term parking to enable technicians or trades persons to carry out jobs. To enquire about reserving a bay contact our Reservations Team on 9461 3800.

Street Parking Bay reservations

For some situations, the City will approve the reservation of an on street parking bay. For example, contractors or removalists.

For more detailed information, view the On Street Parking Bay Reservation page.

Useful Links

Telephone contacts for parking issues

Car park information, ticket machine faults, long term parking, parking cards 1300 889 613
Parking infringements 1300 366 461
Residential parking permits 9461 3800
To reserve bus parking and kerbside parking bays 9461 3800
Mall permits 9461 3800