The 2018 Perth Tourism Industry Exchange provides a unique opportunity to find out what’s going on in the tourism sector.

2018 Perth Tourism Industry Exchange

24 May 2018 – Perth Arena

The 2018 Perth Tourism Industry Exchange provides a unique opportunity to find out what’s going on in the tourism sector.

If you have a tourism business, the 2018 Perth Tourism Industry Exchange will give you the opportunity to engage with concierges, visitor centre staff, other front of house staff and inbound tour operators who interact with tourists on a daily basis.

There are a number of ways you and your business can get involved:

  • Showcase your product or experience.  Exhibitors are also offered the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals during an exclusive, invite only, networking session and luncheon prior to the event. View the prospectus.
  • Consider sponsorship opportunities including inclusion in the Pocket Guide or the event app which will offer exposure at the event and beyond. View the prospectus.
  • Nominate someone for the Perth Tourism Industry Exchange Awards. Click here. 
  • Attend this free event as a delegate. Click here

Who should attend

  • Hotel concierges and front of house staff
  • Information kiosk operators
  • Visitor centre staff and independent
  • Visitor information services
  • Hotel management
  • Professional conference organisers
  • Inbound tour operators
  • Bed and breakfast operators
  • Restaurant and bar staff
  • Retailers
  • Local government staff

2018 Perth Tourism Industry Exchange Awards

The 2018 Perth Tourism Industry Exchange Awards (Awards) recognise and honour those who go above and beyond in their respective fields in the hospitality and tourism industry within Western Australia.

The Awards offer Western Australians the opportunity to be involved by nominating themselves or someone else for one of the four award categories available. Nomination is free of charge and a simple online process. 

The Awards comprise of four categories:

  • Concierge Award;  
  • Inbound Tour Operator Award; 
  • Front of House Award; and 
  • Volunteer Host Award.  

For more information, click here

Speed Networking and Luncheon
Networking is an important function of any business. In 2018, the City of Perth has introduced a speed networking session.

Participants will greet each other in a series of brief exchanges during a set period of time. This session will take place prior to the luncheon to assist with the development of new business relationships.

It will be a great opportunity to get to know a wide range of people and perhaps continue interesting discussions over lunch, at the expo, or down the track.

NOTE: Exhibitors and invited guests will have the opportunity to network amongst themselves with this quick-fire approach.

Training Day
This year the City of Perth will be host a half day training session with guest speakers sharing their insights and experiences on the topics of networking, business development and innovative thinking.

The City recognises the importance of business development and the need to effectively engage with stakeholders to help grow your business. This training day is designed to enhance key skills in the lead up to the Exchange.

For more information or to book, click here


Connect with Tourism Australia - Kristy Carstairs, Industry Relations Manager for Western Australia

Kristy Carstairs will be at this year’s Exchange to connect with industry and explain how businesses can be involved with Tourism Australia’s marketing, campaigns and events.    

11.00am (EXHIBITORS ONLY SESSION)  - Exhibitors will have the chance to connect with Kristy prior to the commencement of the Exchange through a presentation and the speed networking session.  

2.15pm (EVENT PRESENTATION) - Kristy will present to industry and explain how Western Australian tourism suppliers can work with Tourism Australia.  A questions and answers session will take place after the presentation.  

Kristy will cover:

  • how to work with her directly; 
  • how your business can be involved with Tourism Australia; 
  • where to find information on the most profitable markets; 
  • the tools you can use to be export ready; 
  • how to work with media; 
  • how to take part in Tourism Australia’s events; 
  • how your business can use Tourism Australia’s images and videos;
  • how to leverage Tourism Australia’s social media;
  • how to get involved with Aussie Specialists; and
  • how to submit content to Tourism Australia. 

About Kristy Carstairs – In July 2017, Kristy started with Tourism Australia as the Industry Relations Manager for Victoria, Tasmania and South & West Australia, as well as the youth sector nationally. This role is pivotal in connecting Australian tourism suppliers with Tourism Australia and assisting them in understanding how best to work with Tourism Australia. 

Prior to Tourism Australia, Kristy served with the Backpacker Operators Association of NSW as President and on the national Backpacker Youth Tourism Advisory Panel as Vice Chair.