The building services provided through local government assist in protecting the community from major risks to life and property and contribute to the sustainability of our built environment. While it is the State Government that sets building regulations, it is Local Government’s responsibility to administer them in accordance with the Building Code of Australia, relevant town planning requirements and building local laws. The importance of local government's role in ensuring safe building systems and sustainable outcomes cannot be overstated.  

Local government’s role in building control services includes:

  • Assessing the key building risks and issuing permits
  • Compliance
  • Providing advice on building matters and scenarios
  • Building Certification
  • Preparing feasibility reports
  • Establishing policies to guide building control services
  • Establishing and reviewing local laws that may impact on the building industry


In this section:

Building Legislation

The commencement of the Building Act 2011 on 2 April 2012 introduced a new building approval process for Western Australia.

Existing buildings

When considering a fit-out, refurbishment, modification or alteration to an existing building there are a number of matters be considered.

Building Certification (statewide)

The City of Perth provides these building certification services under the current legislation.

Building, demolition & Occupancy Permits (for occupancy, strata titles and unauthorised works)

The City provides guidance on and issues a range of permits within the City

Work affecting other land

There are circumstance where work affecting other land requires consent or a court order to be provided as part of a permit application.

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Heritage Council and Planning Authorities

The City will liaise with all planning authorities prior to the issuing approval or permit.