The following provides an overview of Council elections in the City of Perth.

About Biennial Elections

The City of Perth Council is comprised of the Lord Mayor and eight Councillors elected to serve the whole district.

Local government elections are held every two years on the third Saturday in October. At each biennial election half the City of Perth Councillors are elected for terms of four years. Four Councillors were elected in October 2015, for terms ending in October 2019 (Crs Adamos, Chen, Davidson and Green) and four were elected in 2017, for terms ending in October 2021 (Crs Barton, Harley, Hasluck and Limnios) .

A Lord Mayoral election is held every four years. The Lord Mayor was elected in October 2015 for a four year term so there will be another Lord Mayoral election in October 2019.

The elections are conducted as postal elections and since 1995, the Western Australian Electoral Commission has been contracted to conduct the City of Perth elections. The Commission appoints a Returning Officer who oversees the elections which includes taking candidate nominations during the eight day period and supervising the count on election night.

Election packages are posted to all electors on the roll about three weeks before election day. The packages can be returned by mail or hand delivered and placed in a sealed ballot box at Council House, 27 St Georges Terrace, Perth, up until 6pm on election day. The count commences at 6pm that same day and the results are normally available later that evening.

Who is entitled to vote?

The roll for an election consists of:

  1. Perth residents roll - this comprises individuals who live in the City of Perth electorate and who are enrolled on the State Electoral Roll;
  2. City of Perth non-resident owners and occupiers roll - this comprises individuals who own (but do not reside in) or occupy rateable property in the City and of individuals nominated by companies that own or occupy rateable property in the City.

Please visit the Western Australian Electoral Commission website to view past City of Perth Local Government Election Results.