The City of Perth is revitalising urban spaces into thriving new centres, with parks, public places and facilities that celebrate the city’s natural and built form. An unprecedented rate of change and expansion has transformed our riverside City and reinforces Perth’s position as a contemporary capital city. The city has a unique mix of commerce and retail with beautifully crafted green open space combining heritage, public art and water features. This attribute is considered a major asset and plays a central role in city planning strategies.

In order to leverage off Perth's competitive advantages, the City of Perth has created a comprehensive framework of business grants and sponsorships which provide targeted funding to further enhance the City's reputation for business excellence. The programs on offer are:

  • Small Business Grants
  • Business Improvement Grants
  • Business Event Sponsorship
  • Industry/Sector Development Sponsorship

Further details for each program are contained in the sections below and within the associated guideline document available for download.

Small Business Grants

The City of Perth recognises that small business makes a huge contribution to the vibrancy and energy of the City therefore we look to encourage our small businesses to thrive by seeking out new opportunities and developing initiatives to grow. To that end, the City offers grants to small businesses located within the City of Perth Local Government Area that can address key criteria set out in the Small Business Grant Guidelines.

Download the guidelines.

The application period is now open and will remain open until all funding has been allocated. Apply online via the links below.

Grant categories:

Small Business Grant (Apply now)
Up to $5,000

Event Support Grant (Apply now)
Up to $2,000

To discuss your project with a City of Perth Business Support Officer, please contact us via

Business Improvement Grants

The City of Perth recognises that businesses largely contribute to the vibrancy and energy the city. The ability to generate new ideas and turn those ideas into profitable business ventures is a critical source of Perth’s competitive advantage, community and growth.

The Business Improvement Grants Program aims to stimulate and encourage diverse inner city commerce by supporting new and established local businesses to improve precinct amenity, stimulate business activity and provide direct benefits to Perth’s community.

“Business Improvement” for the purposes of this grant funding program, involves improving the capacity of a business and/or a property to attract business activity and provide strategic community benefit.

These grants provide up to a maximum of $20,000 in matched funding. The business recipients must demonstrate at least an equal financial investment for the specific business project.

For more information on the 2018/19 Business Improvement Grants program please contact the Economic Development Unit on 9461 3198 or via email at   

Download the Business Improvement Grant Guidelines here

Applications are now closed for 2018/19.

For more information on the 2018/19 Business Improvement Grants program please contact the Economic Development Unit on 9461 3198 or via email at   


Business Event Sponsorship

The business event sponsorship program assists business event organisers to stage their events within the City of Perth boundaries and ensure delegates can experience all that Perth has to offer. The City welcomes proposals for conferences, conventions, exhibitions and awards ceremonies that:

  • attract more visitors to the city;
  • encourage delegates and their partners to explore Perth;
  • provide an economic benefit to businesses within the municipality;
  • enhance Perth’s reputation as a ‘knowledge city’ through leadership in a particular discipline or industry function;
  • promote Perth as a destination;
  • lift the status, awareness or profile of Perth through media and marketing exposure;
  • enhance business or community development;
  • create opportunities for education and information exchange between Perth industry and delegates;
  • build long-term relationships by providing Perth business and community leaders with the opportunity to meet visiting industry leaders; and
  • promote the City’s role in key industry sectors.

Download the Business Event Sponsorship Guidelines here


Industry / Sector Development Sponsorship

The City of Perth is dedicated to the development of a strong, sustainable and diverse economy that capitalises on Perth’s geographic position, natural resources and human capital. In support of this aim, the City is committed to supporting the growth and development of established or emerging key industry sectors that represent strategic importance to the City of Perth’s economy.

The City not only supports the industry sectors that form the pillar of the local economy such as resources and energy, tourism, retail and hospitality, property development and professional services, but has extended its support for emerging industry sectors such as innovation and technology, agribusiness, international education, health sciences and medical research.

Through the Industry / Sector Development Sponsorship Program, the City of Perth will help encourage and present professional development opportunities including examples of best practice, training programs, networking events, guest lectures and thought leadership exchanges, skills and training development programs, various business incubation or acceleration programs and similar initiatives.

Download the Industry / Sector Development Sponsorship Guidelines here