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Welcome to the City of Perth

COVID-19 Community Information

This page was last updated 25 May, 1.15pm

At the City of Perth, we are actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation and are taking steps to help keep our community, visitors and staff safe. 

Our primary focus is on protecting the health and safety of the community and our staff while maintaining our essential services. We are also ensuring that decisions do not place any additional burden on businesses that are already facing the enormous challenges of COVID-19. 

The City will continue to plan and make decisions based upon expert advice from State and Federal Governments and strongly supports a coordinated and consistent response to the pandemic across all WA local governments. 

The City’s Relief and Rebound Plan provides an initial package of support for businesses, rate payers and residents impacted by COVID-19. 
For further information, please view the information related to the City’s Relief and Rebound Plan via the button below. 


  • How is the City of Perth helping the community?

    The City of Perth takes the health and safety of our community very seriously, whilst maintaining essential services.  

    The City’s immediate action plan is aimed at flattening the infection curve that will minimise the impact on the health system and the rest of the Western Australian community. 

    If in need of support, the City of Perth encourages vulnerable members of the community to get in touch via our City of Perth Community Careline. See the City of Perth Community Careline tab below for more information. 

    We also encourage you and your family to follow healthy and safe practices based on current information provided by the WA Department of Health to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

  • City of Perth Community Careline

    The City of Perth’s Community Services team has established a contact centre for those needing information or referral to services during COVID-19. 
    The City of Perth Community Careline allows community members to self-register if in need of support. They will then receive a call back from a specialised City officer with further information, connection to support and follow up phone-calls if required.  
    Those who do not have the ability to make a phone call will be able to complete a simple online form available here and the City will tailor the service based on the individual’s unique circumstances.  

    To reach out for support, community members must reside within, or regularly access services within, the City of Perth Local Government Area.  
    If you identify in any of the categories below or have a loved one who is a resident of the City of Perth and identifies in any of the categories below, please contact our City of Perth Community Careline via 9461 1570. 

    The Careline will be open Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 5.30pm, and Saturday 9am to 2pm. 

    High Risk:

    • Ages over 70 years of age;
    • Aged over 60 years of age and living with chronic illness;
    • Aged over 50 years of age and identifying as Aboriginal or Terres Strait Islander; or
    • Experiencing (or at risk of) homelessness.

    Moderate Risk

    • Aged over 60 years of age and living alone with less significant health issues; 
    • Aged under 60 years of age, living with chronic illness or disability; 
    • In temporary, unsupported accommodation; or
    • Experiencing significant financial hardship.

    Low Risk

    • All ages, with minor health issues and indicating a need of support; or All ages, living alone and indicating a need of support.  

    For those that might be needing immediate support, please call the below 24/7 helplines: 

    • In an emergency or if someone is in immediate danger: WA Police: 000 
    • Lifeline: 13 11 14
    • Beyond Blue: 1800 512 348
    • Women's Domestic Violence Helpline: 9223 1188
    • Men's Domestic Violence Helpline: 9223 1199
    • Alcohol and Drug Support Line: 9442 5000

    The City is also encouraging not-for-profit services or community networks to get in contact to ensure we are aware of their existence. We will then include them on our register of services and start to build relationships with them going forward. 


  • Free and discounted parking within the City of Perth

    CPP $10 flat rate all day parking 

    The City of Perth is pleased to offer $10 flat rate all day parking across each of our 34 CPP car parks from Monday 6 April. This all day parking is 24-hours from time of entry and is to recognise the reduced public transport options and effects of COVID-19.

    What about weekends? 

    The City is continuing with our free 3-hour parking trial on weekends and public holidays at the following locations: 

    • CPP His Majestys
    • CPP Cultural Centre
    • CPP Pier Street

    The $10 all day flat rate will otherwise apply.

    Carpark closures

    Monday to Friday CPP carpark operations are continuing as normal at this time, however any carparks with no usage may be closed earlier than advertised. Please keep up to date on these changes via

    Some CPP carparks will be closed on weekends due to reduced capacity. These are: 

    • CPP Concert Hall
    • CPP Elder Street
    • CPP Regal Place
    • CPP Mayfair Street
    • CPP Goderich Street

    On-street free parking

    There have been no changes to time limits and parking restrictions associated with all on-street parking bays within the City of Perth. Motorists must still adhere to all time restrictions so bays can be turned over and accessible for all, including support of small business still operating within the city. As of Monday 4 May, cautions will be issued for motorists staying beyond the time restrictions on the signage and fines may be applied to vehicles repeatedly overstaying time limits once initially cautioned. So please do the right thing and adhere to the signs.

    30-minute bays are limited to 30 minute parking
    1P bays are limited to 1-hour parking 
    2P bays are limited to 2-hour parking 

    Which bays are still subject to potential fines without a caution being issued in the first instance? 

    • No stopping zones
    • Clearways
    • ACROD bays
    • Loading zones
    • Taxi zones
    • Charter Vehicle bays
    • Resident parking bays
    • Private property
    • Footpaths

    Some of these bays may also result in towing of the offending vehicle by Main Roads WA.

    Are there any changes to residential parking permits? 

    Support can be provided to residents requiring extended parking. Please contact our customer service line on 9461 3333 or for more information. 

  • Are restaurants, malls and shops still open?

    Yes. As part of the State Government’s Phase Two of Western Australia’s Road to Recovery, restaurants, bars and cafes can restart their dine-in services. Currently, this is limited to 20 people inside and outside at any given time. Alcohol must also be served with meals. 

    The City has relaxed alfresco applications to allow restaurants, bars and cafes to serve people sitting out the front of their venues. 

    The City of Perth’s malls are open and shops within the malls are choosing whether to open during this time.  

    The community is asked to avoid using cash where possible and instead use contactless payment methods such as PayPass and PayWave to prevent potential spread of COVID-19.

  • Which City of Perth facilities are open?

    Taking into account the State Government’s four phase Roadmap for easing COVID-19 restrictions, the City of Perth is slowly opening some of its facilities once again to help support the community and the economy during this time. 
    Council House front counter is open for the public to make enquiries in person from 8am on weekdays.  
    Likewise, the City of Perth Library is open with a 20-person limit at any time, excluding staff. The Library’s hours will be from 8.30am to 4pm, Monday to Saturday.  

    Citiplace Rest Centre has reopen on Monday 25 May from 7am. 
    Social distancing requirements of 1.5metres and one person per four m2 will be maintained at all City of Perth facilities and visitors are asked to please reconsider visiting if they are unwell. Increased cleaning regimes across all facilities will also be implemented.  

    Citiplace Child Care Centre

    Citiplace Child Care Centre will be open during normal hours until further notice. 

    The Australian Federal Government announced that working parents will have access to free childcare until further notice.  

    The program will be available to parents who have a need to be physically at work and for children who are vulnerable. 

    Citiplace Child Care Centre has announced there are still a few spaces available for children who need them. Owned and maintained by the City of Perth, staff caring for the children are all employees of the City.  

    If you would like to find out how to enrol your child, please contact the Citiplace Childcare Centre, phone (08) 9461 3540. 

  • Which City of Perth facilities or services are closed?

    The City of Perth is following all federal and state government advice in order to help stop the spread of the virus, and ensure vulnerable members of the community are protected.

    The following facilities remain closed until further notice;

    • Perth Town Hall
    • iCity Kiosk
    • Jacobs Ladder
    • All public playgrounds, skateparks and outside gyms 

    Additional services impacted 

    The City has suspended flyer distribution permits and will not approve new permits until the current restrictions are lifted.  

  • Has the City increased cleaning in public areas?

    The City has increased the cleaning routine for all City of Perth parking machines, drinking fountains, street furniture and public toilets to help keep our community and visitors to the City safe. 

    The malls are washed down on a daily basis and street sweepers and high-pressure cleaning services operate daily. 

    Public toilets are cleaned up to five times a day depending on the level of use and location. Bins are emptied and bin tops cleaned on a continuous basis. We have also commenced a high-pressure cleaning program of drinking fountains throughout the City. 

    Ticket machines in the CPP carparks are also being cleaned twice a day.

    We have designated staff who continually patrol the malls and CBD areas cleaning and collecting waste and litter.  

    The service provided at night includes eight designated staff in a variety of street cleaning machines keeping the City presentable.  

    Our daily inspections verify the success of the team’s effort.  

  • What are you doing to support vulnerable community members?

    As part of our Relief and Rebound Plan, the City is working in partnership with the State Government and community services sector to address the impacts of COVID-19 on people sleeping rough in our City.   
    This is in response to the serious impact of social distancing requirements and the reduction of many voluntary organisations who have had to withdraw their services.  

    The City has suspended the accreditation site at Moore Street due to social distancing requirements.

    The City is continuing to support the coordination of services both in the not-for-profit sector but also through goodwill and community groups.  
    We are actively working with service providers to carefully deliver essential and crisis services to people experiencing homelessness, including food, health services and clothing.  
    Our team have also established a contactless mobile food drop service to coordinate food services to the vulnerable communities in a safe way throughout this pandemic. Currently, Sikh Community, Homelessness We Care, Seeds of Hope and the Perth Homelessness Support Group take turns to deliver food, clothing and hygiene packs during the week. 
    The health and safety of our vulnerable people is a priority and while we are helping to identify some urgent solutions, our long-term Plan for Vulnerable People will address longer term and sustainable outcomes for our homeless community. 

    If in need of support, the City of Perth encourages vulnerable members of the community to get in touch via our City of Perth Community Careline; see the City of Perth Community Careline tab for more information.

  • Quick Response Community Grants Program
    To assist in combating the widespread issues resulting from COVID-19, the City of Perth has launched a COVID-19 Quick Response Community Grants Program, aimed at organisations working with communities who are disproportionately impacted by coronavirus.  
    Providing much-needed support for the City’s most vulnerable people, the program is aimed at supporting the delivery of community and social initiatives within the City of Perth and its six neighbourhoods.  
    Through the COVID-19 Quick Response Grant program, the City will rapidly provide grant funding to community-led schemes, which identify or achieve small scale initiatives safely addressing issues arising due to the pandemic. 
    Applications must be made with a relevant City officer via or 9461 3333. 
  • What are you doing to help keep the community safe?
    In an effort to provide reassurance to our community and businesses during the COVID-19 crisis, we are increasing our Safe City services across the city. 
    Safe City Patrols will operate seven days a week from 7am to 9pm across all areas of the City. The patrols will be undertaken by City staff and include additional foot and vehicle patrols. 

    An extra 12 vehicles will be patrolling the streets - including residential areas – and will be branded as ‘City of Perth Safe City Patrol’. 
    All patrols will provide increased vigilance and will be reporting through to Citywatch and WA Police. The WA Police have been consulted and welcome the additional ‘Eyes on the Street’.  
    The Parking Services Unit will utilise Parking Services vehicles across the City of Perth conducting Safe City Patrols and will be concentrating on serious and unsafe parking infringements.
  • Where can people go if they need to talk to someone?  

    The City of Perth is keen to promote a happy and healthy community for those who live in the area, as well as those who work in or visit the City.   

    For those seeking mental health support during this current unprecedented environment, we recommend heading to Beyond Blue or Lifeline for over the phone or virtual support. Both websites provide up-to-date information to help everyone in Australia with their mental health.  

    We have also put together a very helpful mindfulness blog where you will find a list of mindfulness advice from government-funded and not-for-profit mental health organisations across Australia who are working around the clock to offer dedicated COVID-19 mental health support. 

    If in need of support, the City of Perth encourages vulnerable members of the community to get in touch via our City of Perth Community Careline; see the City of Perth Community Careline tab for more information.