Planning policies and precinct plans

Planning policies, precinct plans and guidelines all form part of the City Planning Scheme No. 2 (CPS2) and have been prepared in consultation with the WA Planning Commission. These exist to ensure consistency and standards across planning projects and to guide the City's decision making in assessing the viability of development applications.

Planning Policies

Planning Policies provide guidance on area or subject specific land use and development matters. Planning Policies supplement Minor Town Planning Schemes.

The City Planning Scheme No. 2 has a number of policies underneath it that provide guidance for:

  • Residential Development
  • Commercial Development
  • Parking and Access
  • Heritage Conservation 
  • Specialised Areas
  • Planning Strategies
  • Non-conforming Uses
  • Transferred Plot Ratios

Policy Documentation

General Planning Policies

The documents below cover general planning requirements for residential development, commercial development, parking and access.

Specialised Policies

Policies in this section are more specialised, providing design guidelines and development policies for specific areas.

Project Area Policies

There are specific planning policies for Project Areas including Claisebrook Village and the New Northbridge Project Area.


Normalised Redevelopment Area Design Guidelines

These design guidelines for Normalised Redevelopment Areas supplement provisions of the CPS2 scheme. Guidelines describe the character sought for each area and the design elements required to achieve this design and form.

Precinct Plans

Precinct Plans define the vision and development intent for areas of the city of Perth. Precinct Plans are one of the components that sit under the City Planning Scheme No. 2 (CPS2). Precinct Plans define the land use for the specific area, but should be read in reference to the CPS2, Planning Policies, Minor Town Planning Schemes and Design Guidelines. 


The city is divided into 18 precincts. Under the CPS2, each precinct has a Precinct Plan that outlines the development intent and vision for the precinct. The 18 precincts are split between three zones:

  • City Centre (Precincts 1 - 8)
  • City Fringe (Precincts 9 - 15)
  • Subiaco (Precincts 16 - 18*)

*Precincts formerly under City of Subiaco zoning, governed by Subiaco Town Planning Scheme No. 4.