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Perth CBD

Business grants

Business grants and sponsorship

The City of Perth has created a comprehensive program of business grants and sponsorships which provide targeted funding to further enhance the City's reputation for business excellence and leverage Perth's competitive advantages.

  • Small Business Grants

    The City of Perth recognises that small business makes a huge contribution to the vibrancy and energy of the city therefore we look to encourage our small businesses to thrive by seeking out new opportunities and developing initiatives to grow. To that end, the city offers grants to small businesses located within the City of Perth Local Government Area that can address key criteria set out in the Small Business Grant Guidelines.


    • Small Business Grant (up to $5,000)
    • Mobile Trading Support Grant  (up to $2,000)
    • Interested applicants should refer to the Small Business Grant Guidelines  to determine their eligibility, assessment criteria and information on how to apply.

    Key dates

    • Submissions for the 2019/20 financial year are open from 1 July 2019 until the budget is fully allocated.
  • Business Improvement Grant

    The Business Improvement Grant program is not currently accepting applications.

  • Industry Sector Development Sponsorship

    The City of Perth is committed to supporting the growth and development of established or emerging key industry sectors that represent strategic importance to the City of Perth’s economy.

    The City not only supports the industry sectors that form the pillar of the local economy such as resources and energy, tourism, retail and hospitality, property development and professional services, but has extended its support for emerging industry sectors such as innovation and technology, agribusiness, international education, health sciences and medical research. Through the Industry / Sector Development Sponsorship Program, the City of Perth will help encourage and present professional development opportunities including examples of best practice, training programs, networking events, guest lectures and thought leadership exchanges, skills and training development programs, various business incubation or acceleration programs and similar initiatives.

    Interested applicants should refer to the Industry / Sector Development Sponsorship Guidelines to determine their eligibility, assessment criteria and information on how to apply.