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Small business advice

Perth is the place where people, ideas and industry meet, creating a dynamic and fast-paced business environment that drives the development of the Western Australian economy.

Fast facts

  • The population of Western Australia is forecast to reach 3.27 million by 2026 (DSD WA Economic Profile).
  • Perth has an economic output of $75 billion.
  • Perth supports 149,475 jobs.
  • Western Australia’s population is approximately 2.58 million.

(REMPLAN – May 2020)

Key sectors

  • Mining, resources and energy.
  • Property development and construction.
  • Innovation and technology.
  • Education and international student services.
  • Medical, health and life sciences and medical research.
  • Tourism, retail and hospitality.

Key services

Economic Development

The City of Perth’s Economic Development Unit (EDU) is responsible for assisting with the development and growth of the city’s local economy. This objective is achieved by working with existing and emerging industry sectors to promote Perth as a high calibre business and investment destination.

Key services include:

  • Local business attraction, retention and development planning.
  • Development and support of the resource; tourism; knowledge and innovation, education, health and life science based industries.
  • Promotion of knowledge and opportunities relevant to businesses in a wide range of industry sectors.
  • Management and facilitation of foreign direct investment.
  • Facilitation of positive relationships and transactions with international markets.
  • Market research and data collection.
  • Enhancement of the night time economy.
  • Investigation and support for property and development initiatives.
  • Assistance with securing federal funding for economic development initiatives.

Business Development

The City’s Business Development team strives to provide a flourishing and prosperous business environment by helping to develop small and medium businesses in the city.

The team flies the flag for small and medium businesses, with a program of engagement initiatives which allow for high quality, effective two-way communications between business and the City. The team’s current focus is to implement the 2020/21 Small Business Grants and Business Improvement Grants programs (total of $1.4 million) which form part of the City’s COVID-19 Economic Rebound strategy.

Key services include:

Business engagement and advice
Business information briefings, educational workshops and networking events. (Currently on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions).
Business communications. 
Business resources (website, materials and education).

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Business events and networking

The City of Perth aims to help businesses by providing business events, innovative support programs, leadership recognition and unique opportunities for networking. These include regular workshops on a range of topics to support small and medium businesses to thrive within the city environment. 

These workshops are also a great opportunity to connect and network with other businesses. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the workshops are currently on hold but the City is planning to resume scheduling soon. To find out more, please contact Business Development on (08) 9461 1518  or  

Emergencies, Safety and CCTV Surveillance

The City of Perth works closely with the WA Police and other agencies to keep the City safe and minimise crime and antisocial behaviour. Learn more about our services, strategies and initiatives to do this.

Businesses, residents and visitors all need to think about city emergencies and how to respond. Watch our Are you Prepared Perth? videos to learn more.

Are you Prepared Perth? Business brochure

Businesses have plenty to consider if an emergency occurs in or around their premises. Learn more on preparation, response and getting you business running again after an event.

Safety and CCTV Surveillance

The City of Perth work with the Police and other agencies, and has many initiatives which aim to keep people safe and minimise damage and crime. We aim to prevent negative events that impact on your business safety and should something occur, respond as quickly as possible.

You will find information from the Safety and CCTV Surveillance page about business safety, 24 hour CCTV Surveillance and safer spaces.

Who to Call

The City has prepared a Businesses Reporting Numbers guide to help you direct your call to the right agency, for the right incident occurring around your business premises or in your business neighbourhood.


Creating Safer Spaces

The City of Perth Creating Safer Spaces: Design guidelines to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour has been developed to give designers, residents, businesses and event planners the tools to create a safe built environment. Learn how you can include these measures in your business by downloading the City of Perth Creating Safer Spaces: Design guidelines to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour.


Our rangers work to ensure community safety and compliance with local laws. They assist businesses in many ways including foot and bike patrols of malls and inner city, and car patrols in other areas. They are always happy to chat with you.

Learn more about how they help manage buskers, street traders, events, litter and obstructions.