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The City of Perth is committed to supporting people at risk of, or experiencing homelessness. The City is focused on the need to connect people who require access to crisis support and accommodation options, to the appropriate support service. Sleeping rough is only one component of the broader term of ‘homelessness’, where associated or perceived matters are often linked.

It is important to decouple these perceptions with the actions and behaviours of any person, and to inform the correct authority so the specific matter can be addressed, where:

  • Information on how the City of Perth is assisting homelessness and where local government fits into the overall architecture of homelessness, and assistance with the Homelessness Services Accreditation Process – to be reported to the City of Perth on 9461 3333 and assisted by Community Development.
  • Littering and blocking walkways or thoroughfares (including blocking via begging) - to be reported to the City of Perth on 9461 3333 and assisted by the Rangers.
  • Cleanliness, urination and smells – to be reported to the City of Perth on 9461 3333 and assisted by Waste and Cleansing (noting public urination is an offence and if witnessed, is a WA Police matter).
  • Anti-social behaviour, alcohol and drugs, intimidation, public disturbance, appearance of mental health, assault or threats – to be reported to WA Police on 131 444 or 000 for emergencies. (You can also report matters anonymously via Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or seek assistance from City Watch Surveillance Centre on 9461 6611 or 9461 6666 for emergencies).
  • Volunteerism, community goodwill, donations and other pathways to help – to contact peak bodies Volunteering WA, WACOSS, Shelter WA or a not-for-profit organisation.

The City of Perth supports the WA Alliance to End Homelessness and their 10-year strategy to end homelessness in Western Australia. The City of Perth is in collaboration with State Government, Department of Communities, WA Police, local government authorities, peak bodies, not-for-profit organisations, faith based and goodwill groups, and the whole of community to work together and strategically align to ending homelessness.

If you currently need assistance regarding homelessness or accommodation please visit AskIzzy or ERConnect for support or Entrypoint for accommodation. The following sections provide detail on homelessness initiatives.

  • Homeless services in the inner city

    The City of Perth has a comprehensive understanding of available support services within the city. The Homeless Services in the Inner City brochure was developed to assist people experiencing homelessness, or those at risk of experiencing homelessness, to assist in the access of support services available to them. The brochure is regularly updated and includes information on crisis assistance, where to find free and low cost meals, pathways to employment, counselling and legal services.


    Through support from the Department for Communities, the brochure can be ordered by completing the Homeless Services in the Inner City order form and returning to


    To add your organisation’s services and contact details to the brochure, please contact Community Services at


  • Homeless Sector Review

    In 2018, the City of Perth conducted the Perth Homeless Sector Review. This provided an overview of specific services supporting people experiencing homelessness in the inner city.

    The review identified key actions to improve access to support services and coupled with the City Homelessness Framework Committee, has resulted in a shared sector action plan. This action plan includes a 12-month trial to assist in the coordination of homelessness support services and goodwill groups providing service delivery in the inner city.

    The action plan also provides an opportunity to align strategic direction across different levels of government and the community services sector, further supporting the WA Alliance to End Homelessness’ 10-year strategy to end homelessness in Western Australia by 2029. Work is currently being undertaken on the following projects:

    • Establishing a Homelessness Services Accreditation Process framework.
    • Funding the Perth Homeless Connect Event 2019.
    • Developing partnerships with local government authorities toward addressing homelessness.
    • Developing strong connections with Perth’s Homelessness Sector and service providers.
    • Community education initiatives about rough sleeping and homelessness.

    Although the review provides a starting point to understanding homelessness and support services available within the city, any additional evidence based information and data that could be included would be gladly received. Questions relating to the Homeless Sector Review and action plan should be directed to Community Services o08 9461 3333.

  • Homeless Connect Perth

    Homeless Connect Perth is an annual event providing essential services to people experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness. Delivered by Volunteering WA in partnership with the City of Perth, this one-day event connects government, community and business sectors, and volunteers to provide valuable support services to people experiencing or at risk of homelessness. 

    For other information please contact Community Services on 08 9461 3333 or