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Public Art Collection

The City of Perth seeks to provide works of public art that deliver memorable experiences and draw visitors and tourists into the city. As a result, public art in Perth is entering a new and exciting phase of growth and activity.    

Public Art Strategy

The City of Perth recently adopted a Public Art Strategy, and many new public artworks are being delivered in new developments across the City. The Strategy outlines the City's approach to public art in the lead up to Perth's bicentenary in 2029. Public art is also a key amenity for the people who choose to live and work in the city. 

This strategy aims to inform the development of public art for the City of Perth, to ensure it is recognised internationally as a city on the move and for its liveability, talented people, and centres of excellence and business opportunities.

Public Art Collection

The City of Perth regularly commissions public art in civic squares, streetscapes, parks and some unexpected places, recognising that the successful integration of site specific art enhances the enjoyment of the city experience.

By investing in the Public Art Collection, as well as commissioning temporary, ephemeral works, the City is a leader in the development of a rich cultural landscape, helping to create vibrant and active public spaces - essential for a safe and stimulating environment.

The City of Perth Public Art Collection has over 100 works of art distributed throughout the city's precincts (West Perth, East Perth, Northbridge and the CBD). The City continues to commission public works of art and facilitate significant private art projects within the boundaries of Western Australia's capital city, showing leadership and vision in its choices.

Our significant collection of major historic and contemporary public art works includes permanent and temporary installations; works in outdoor private and public spaces, on or within the fabric of buildings or in public foyers; traditional media (e.g. stone, bronze, wood, steel, ceramic), new media (e.g. light based, electronic and digital works), and environmental works (e.g. earthworks, landscape art); and functional works (eg. benches and fountains).

These commissioned works stimulate our thinking, deepen our sense of place and experience of space, and transform the places where we live, work, and play.

For more information on the City of Perth’s Cultural Collections, please contact our Cultural Collections team at If you have an enquiry about the City of Perth’s history & heritage, please contact our History Centre team at