Arts, Culture and Heritage
Arts and Culture are valued components to city life for their ability to engage, challenge, excite and surprise people, and help us reflect on our unique cultural identity. Through direct investment in Arts and Cultural activities, the City of Perth is a leader in the development of our rich cultural landscape.

In this section:

Art Collection

The City’s Art Collection comprises contemporary and historical works of art relevant to Perth.

City Arts Space

The City of Perth has converted a vacant retail space in the Northbridge Piazza into a multi-purpose art space.

Mural Arts

The City of Perth's mural projects deliver new and engaging, site specific works which enliven and enhance public space.

Arts Programs

The City of Perth's Arts Programs support a number of exciting ephemeral projects in the CBD.

The City of Perth Heritage Programs support the management and conservation of historically significant properties within the City

Interactive Maps for Arts and Culture

Explore art and culture digital information being collected by the City of Perth through the Art and Culture Portal.

Past Exhibitions

View details of past exhibitions displayed as part of the City's ongoing exhibition program.

Public Art

The City of Perth regularly commissions Public Art initiatives throughout the city, in civic squares, streetscapes, parks and some unexpected places.

Memorabilia and Social History

This collection of items of significance reflects the history of the Perth City Council, Perth city life and its people.

The City is a strong supporter of the Arts, providing funding to community organisations to enhance our cultural outcomes.