Impounded Vehicles

Impounded Vehicles

A vehicle left on a street, street verge or City of Perth property for a period exceeding 24 hours without a permit or authority to do so under a written law, is considered to be in breach of a written law.  These vehicles are often targeted by antisocial behaviour and are parked in unsafe locations.

Permits must be valid, clearly displayed and used in accordance with conditions.

If you locate an abandoned vehicle please contact Parking Services on 08 9461 3888 or Report an issue online.

If a vehicle is considered to be parked in a dangerous location, it may be removed immediately.

Every attempt is made to contact the owner of the vehicle in writing, by obtaining the last known registered owner details from WA Police.

Details of impounded vehicles are displayed on the public notice board at Council House.

Claiming an impounded vehicle

Notification the vehicle has been impounded will be sent to the last known registered owner of the vehicle.  For further information about the responsibilities of vehicle ownership, please visit the Licensing section on the Department of Transport website.

The registered owner of the vehicle is required to attend Council House to pay all applicable City of Perth fees before the vehicle will be released from the impound yard.  Applicable fees will be outlined in the notification letter; these include an impound fee, daily impound storage fee and associated towing costs.

If your vehicle has been impounded or you believe it may have been impounded please contact Ranger Services on 08 9461 3854.

Unclaimed vehicles

Impounded vehicles left unclaimed after 2 months will then be sold for public tender or disposed of by other means.

Towed from a clearway

If your vehicle has been towed by Main Roads WA from a clearway and you are seeking its recovery, please contact Main Roads WA directly on 138 138 or for further information visit the Main Roads WA website.