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Environmental health infringements

City of Perth provides a number of options for the payment of infringements. If you would like to make payment now, you can use the online payment method. Mastercard, Visa and Amex cards are accepted.

Key Details

What you need

Please note that infringements are not added to the payments system until the next business day after they have been issued. If you have recently received an infringement and are having difficulties paying online or over the phone, please try again the following business day after 10am. To make an online payment, please have your infringement number ready.

  • How do I pay an infringement

    By credit card using our online payment form

    For infringement numbers starting with a 5, please click here

    In person at the council offices

    Council House: Ground Floor 27 St Georges Terrace, Perth

    Cashier Hours are Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm (excluding public holidays). Payments can be made by cash, cheque, EFTPOS or by credit card (Mastercard or VISA only).

    By post

    City of Perth
    GPO Box P1237
    Perth WA 6844

    Cheque or money order payments are to be made payable to  'CITY OF PERTH' and crossed 'Not Negotiable'.

  • Why the City issues health infringements

    Under the Food Act 2008, Health (Asbestos) Regulations 1992 and the Environmental Protection Act 1986 modified penalties (i.e. infringements) can be issued for such things as:

    • Food business not clean enough, insufficient maintenance, insufficient pest control, improper food handling, incorrect temperatures of foods (i.e. cool foods not refrigerated, hot foods not hot enough), improper waste disposal.
    • Improper handling, breaking, storage and disposal of asbestos.
    • Exceeding the assigned noise levels.
    • Unauthorised discharge of liquid waste.
  • How to appeal a health infringement

    In certain circumstances the City is prepared to withdraw an infringement that has been issued. Once suitable proof is provided, the following situations will be considered for infringement withdrawal:

    • The officer made an error in judgement.
    • The decision to issue an infringement notice was not in accordance with the City’s Compliance and Enforcement Procedure.
    • The evidence obtained was insufficient to support the charge/offence.
    • An error was made with respect to the details contained within the infringement notice.
    • The City has made a decision to prosecute instead of issuing a modified penalty (infringement notice).

    You will need to complete the online appeal form.

    To nominate someone else for the infringement, please complete this form.